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Dressing Right for Winter Weather

The right clothes and accessories can make all the difference in winter.  Choosing the proper items can mean that when the weather outside is frightful, we can still spend time out there by keeping warm and dry.

One tip is to opt for layers.  These start at the ‘foundation’ with thermal underwear.  With the available range of men’s, ladies and children’s thermal underwear, there are no excuses for not wearing the right level of warm undergarments.  The next layer is warm winter clothes such as sweaters and trousers, while the final layer is accessories.

These accessories range from hats to socks and anything in between.  Men’s winter hats can prevent up to 60% of body heat from escaping, so these should always be worn when out in winter.  Some people may be put off by the thought of itchy wool on their head, but hats have changed a great deal in recent years.  A fleece hat is ideal on a cold day when conditions are dry.  Fleece is a synthetic fabric that has a great thermal rating and is ideal for winter garments.  Matching gloves and scarves are also available.

Ladies winter gloves come in a variety of fabrics and styles.  Keeping the hands warm is also a good idea so that they do not need to be shoved desperately into pockets while mobile.  Those who walk with their hands in their pockets are not able to prevent themselves from falling on a slippery day, as it is the instinct to put the hands out for protection.

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