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Ladies Wellington Boots for Winter

Given the excessive amount of rain that some areas of the country get during the winter months, it is essential to have waterproof footwear. What better to wear than the trusty old Wellington boot? Or rather, nice new wellington boots. The range of ladies wellington boots is ideal for keeping the damp away from feet. They are perfect for all kinds of activities, from walking the dog to taking the children to school.

The good news is that ladies wellington boots are no longer just grey or black, but they come in a variety of colours and designs, so the weather may be damp and grey but the feet do not have to be drab as well.  In fact, as far wellington boots go, the brighter the better.  Pink boots with polka dots are one of the most popular designs available now, as well as the floral patterns that are all the rage.  While wellington boots were once considered a practical item, they are now fashionable if they are brightly coloured and can help the wearer to stand out from the crowd.

A quality style of Wellington boot has a good grip on the sole, so that in muddy conditions the wearer is less likely to slip.  Soles are often in a contrasting colour to the rest of the boot. Most also have a warm lining and insole, so that the foot can still be warm even in a plastic boot.  Some also have a buckle fastening on the side, which is a stylish decorative touch.


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