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Choosing Ladies Winter Scarves

It is considered that women are more inclined to add a scarf to their winter outfit than men are, simply because they see it as an accessory as well as a practical and functional item.  As scarves often come with matching gloves, they are the ideal way to finish off or brighten up an outfit.

Leopard print is gradually becoming more fashionable and has even made its way into the range of ladies winter scarves.  These have a soft feel and a reasonably good thermal rating to help to keep out the cold.  These are made from polyester. Although they are not waterproof, this synthetic fibre does allow them to dry out relatively quickly.

Ladies winter scarves, which also double as a hood, are rapidly becoming this year’s must-have item.  These fit neatly over the head and each end hangs down so it can be wrapped around the neck if needed like a standard scarf.  These items are constructed of acrylic, which is also a synthetic fibre.

Opting for a soft feel fleecy scarf is a good option.  These are very inexpensive to buy and can be purchased in a variety of colours to suit every outfit and mood.  Fleece has an excellent thermal rating and is ideal for very cold days.  Alternatively, a knitted wool scarf with a 70% wool content can add a luxurious feel to an outfit. These come with a tasselled design, which is a bit more traditional for winter scarves.


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