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Keeping the wind at bay in winter

As the bad weather strikes it is important to keep out the cold and this applies to people of all ages, although the frail and the very young are the most vulnerable.  Strong winds can lead to ear problems from the cold and protecting the ears with the latest trapper hats or wrapping a scarf around the head is the best way to do this.

Children’s winter hats can be purchased very cheaply and in the colder temperatures no child should be outdoors without one.  As heat is lost through the head a hat can help to keep the body warm, particularly when spending long periods outdoors.  Similar hats are available for men and women too and are made from a variety of fabrics including fleece.  The trapper hats are often faux fur lined, which is ideal for making people warm and cosy.

Winter coats are needed for the colder months but waterproof coats are essential.  These ensure that a person does not end up feeling damp and cold at the same time.  Making these an essential part of the wardrobe is a good idea for every member of the family.

The word ‘thermal’ can be applied to many different garments now and thermal underwear and socks are very popular at this time of year.  Men’s thermal underwear is a much wider range than it used to be, simply because it has evolved so much over the years and it is now associated with more than just the elderly.

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