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Choosing Women’s Socks for Winter

The winter months are upon us and women all over the country are digging out their favourite boots. Socks are an essential item, not only helping to keep the feet warm but for providing maximum comfort while the boots are being worn.  As with all ranges of socks, there are plenty of novelty options in the ladies socks range.  These come in a variety of colours and designs and are ideal for brightening up a dull day.

For the very cold days, thermal socks are essential.  These are available in packs of three and have three colour schemes – pink, grey, brown, and blue.  Each pair is slightly different with stripes, speckled and plain styles.  These have an excellent thermal rating and are 40% wool, which ensures that they are warm. The rest of the fibres are synthetic, which gives the socks excellent wicking qualities.

Alternatively, the Heat Holders range of thermal ladies socks are considered to have one of the best thermal ratings out of all thermal options.  These are available in single pairs and in a wide range of colours.  Those who are wearing wellington boots can also purchase special socks that are designed for wearing with these boots.  These long, vibrantly coloured garments are ideal for colder days.

Women who prefer not to wear socks can opt for leg warmers.  These are also brightly coloured and are once again becoming fashionable after their eighties heyday.


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