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Choosing Baby Blankets for Winter

While baby blankets are a lovely decorative item, they are also practical, particularly for the winter months.  The blankets can be made from a variety of fibres including fleece, which is relatively inexpensive, to pure cotton, which is a natural fibre but costs a little more.  These can be purchased to fit a crib, cot, or pram and often are decorated with animal characters.

Baby blankets are considered to be a nice gift, particularly for Christmas, for someone who has just had or is about to have a baby.  Blankets are available in either pink or blue, and there are some in neutral colours that are ideal for babies of both genders.  Neutral shades include beige, lemon, and white.

When the weather takes a turn for the worse it is essential to ensure that a baby out in a pram is kept warm enough and blankets are the way to do that.  Fleece has excellent thermal properties and is ideal for babies as it is very soft and lightweight.  As an added bonus, the baby blankets are machine washable, which is essential as they can get dirty very easily.

Alternatively, there are baby shawls, ideal for wrapping a baby in when they are being carried around.  These are also soft, machine washable and come in a variety of colours and sizes.  Babies like to feel safe and warm and purchasing a baby blanket or shawl is an inexpensive way to achieve this.


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