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Kids’ Socks for Winter

There are several great options for kid’s socks for winter.  The first is the novelty socks that every child loves to get as a stocking filler present.  They all have favourite TV characters and these feature on a wide range of socks.  Characters such as Ben 10, the Simpsons, Thomas the Tank Engine and SpongeBob Squarepants are particularly popular with boys.  For girls there are the Dora the Explorer and Forever Friends socks.  As with all ranges, these come in a variety of colours and sizes.  It can be difficult to persuade kids that they need to wear warm socks but if their favourite characters are on them it can be much easier.

Alternatively, children might need thermal socks as the very cold weather approaches.  Thermal kids’ socks are ideal for keeping the winter chill at bay, particularly if the child needs to be spending time outdoors, either doing sports or just walking to and from school.  The thermal socks that are available for kids have an excellent thermal rating. These cosy garments come in several different colours, including black and grey, which makes them ideal for wearing with a school uniform.  These are made from a blend of acrylic and nylon, both of which are synthetic fibres. These materials are long lasting and have good thermal qualities, allowing moisture to be moved away from the skin and preventing the skin from going cold.  The acrylic is similar to wool, which helps to maintain the softness of the fibre.

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