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Winter Gloves for Kids

Gloves are essential during the winter months and kids gloves even more so as children like to spend a great deal of time outdoors.  The range of children’s winter gloves is now vast, so finding an option that the child would like to wear and one that is warm enough to give the parents peace of mind is much easier than ever before.

Fleece gloves are the best option for everyday wear.  They have a good thermal rating and there are now styles that have a palm grip, making it easier to carry out everyday tasks without needing to remove the glove.  For many children the main issue is keeping the gloves on. With this in mind, many manufacturers now add a Velcro strap to the wrist to ensure that the glove remains firmly in place.

Padded ski gloves are ideal for those kids who like to spend time outdoors when it snows.  These are waterproof gloves and can be worn for hours while the children make snowballs.  These also have a palm grip and are perfect for very cold days as they are intended to be worn for winter sports.

The range of children’s winter gloves also includes the latest ‘magic’ gloves.  These gloves come in one size and stretch – ideal for children who are growing quickly.  They come in a range of colours and are often available with matching scarves, making them the perfect winter accessories.


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