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Winter Scarves for Men

There are many different men’s winter scarves available on the market and one of the growing trends is to opt for a reversible scarf.  The main advantage of this is that there is no ‘wrong’ side, so it does not matter which side is showing it will always appear to be worn correctly.  In addition, each side is usually a different colour and this means that those who want to colour co-ordinate their outfits can do so much more easily.

The fact that the scarf is reversible usually means that it will be slightly thicker than a standard scarf so these are ideal for those very cold days.  Most scarves are 100% acrylic.  This synthetic fibre has a similar feel to wool although it is cheaper to produce and has a longer life span.  It is also machine washable.

The trend now is for a striped design on the scarf and this is ideal for those who want to dress smartly rather than casually.  It adds a touch of colour to an otherwise plain outfit, and gloves and hats in similar colours can be used.  As the material is inexpensive to produce, adding a few men’s winter scarves to a wardrobe is a possibility for many people, giving them a wide choice of garments.  Scarves are also the ideal stocking filler gift for men at Christmas as they are a practical item and there are plenty of different styles from which to choose.


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