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Winter Footwear

The current winter has perhaps been frequently wet rather than cold, but people can easily prepare for this type of weather by treating themselves to a pair of Wellington boots. The biggest change in style has been for ladies Wellington boots.  They are no longer plain in style but are instead brightly coloured and patterned, to bring a touch of cheeriness to those dull days.

This means that women can opt for bright pink footwear patterned with dots or flowers.  The designs and styles are numerous and the footwear comes in a range of sizes.  Wellington boots are the best way to keep the feet dry in winter and this will subsequently help with a number of other issues such as keeping chills at bay.  Wet feet can be one of the first steps towards feeling cold and miserable during the winter – colourful Wellies can ensure that we stay cheerful and optimistic during wet and windy weather.

The plastic of the boot is completely waterproof. The construction of the boot often has the added benefit of offering thick soles with a good grip, which gives protection on slippery surfaces.  They are ideal for wearing when walking the dog on terrain that is less than perfect. Ladies Wellington boots also help to keep the feet warm. The synthetic materials used in their construction are hard wearing and will usually last for more than one season, depending upon the amount of wear they endure.

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