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Women’s Thermal Underwear

When many people consider thermal underwear, they may think it is for men only but there is a wide range of women’s thermal underwear available.  Long johns (as they are for men) have cleverly become long janes.  The range of women’s underwear is available in a number of pale and pastel shades to give them a more feminine twist.

Long janes are ‘legging’ type pants, which can be easily worn under trousers.  They are free of side seams so there is no risk of chafing and they fit close to the skin so they are not bulky under other clothes.  They are often a blend of synthetic fibres such as viscose and polyester.  These two fibres have good thermal qualities and work well, keeping moisture away so that it does not dry cold on the skin.  Women’s thermal underwear is available in a range of sizes so they are suitable for most people and they are machine washable.

Women’s thermal underwear can be teamed with a variety of vest type or t-shirt type tops.  They are ideal for wearing under sweaters to ensure a cosy feel on the colder winter days.  They also come in a variety of shades and should be considered an essential for winter.

Women’s thermal underwear is available at a very reasonable cost so being sure of a cosy feel in winter will not break the bank and items are available either in sets or singly, so mixing and matching is a possibility.


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