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December, 2011

Winter Gloves for Kids

Gloves are essential during the winter months and kids gloves even more so as children like to spend a great deal of time outdoors.  The range of children’s winter gloves is now vast, so finding an option that the child would like to wear and one that is warm enough to give the parents peace of mind is much easier than ever before.

Fleece gloves are the best option for everyday wear.  They have a good thermal rating and there are now styles that have a palm grip, making it easier to carry out everyday tasks without needing to remove the glove.  For many children the main issue is keeping the gloves on. With this in mind, many manufacturers now add a Velcro strap to the wrist to ensure that the glove remains firmly in place.

Padded ski gloves are ideal for those kids who like to spend time outdoors when it snows.  These are waterproof gloves and can be worn for hours while the children make snowballs.  These also have a palm grip and are perfect for very cold days as they are intended to be worn for winter sports.

The range of children’s winter gloves also includes the latest ‘magic’ gloves.  These gloves come in one size and stretch – ideal for children who are growing quickly.  They come in a range of colours and are often available with matching scarves, making them the perfect winter accessories.


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Warming Winter Gifts for the Elderly

When it comes to buying stocking filler gifts for the elderly, it is often difficult to know what to get as it seems they have most things that they need.  However, helping to protect them from the cold is always a good idea and plenty of items available can accomplish this.

An active elderly person does not like to feel as though they are trapped in the house so they will get out and about as often as they can.  This means that they will often venture out into the cold when the rest of us would rather they were warm at home.  Giving them a gift of thermal underwear means knowing that they will be warm enough when they leave the house.  The range of thermal underwear includes garments for both men and women.  Men’s options include the long johns, long and short-sleeved tops, and thermal vests.  The ladies thermal underwear range includes long janes, t-shirt style tops, and vests. These come in a variety of colours.  The thermal underwear that is available now is much more lightweight and comfortable than it used to be, so the wearer will not feel as though they are being weighed down by it.

In addition to this, gifts of scarves, gloves, and hats are also welcome.  Men’s winter hats include the trapper style hats that have the side flaps to protect the ears and these are becoming increasingly fashionable among people of all ages.


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Kids’ Socks for Winter

There are several great options for kid’s socks for winter.  The first is the novelty socks that every child loves to get as a stocking filler present.  They all have favourite TV characters and these feature on a wide range of socks.  Characters such as Ben 10, the Simpsons, Thomas the Tank Engine and SpongeBob Squarepants are particularly popular with boys.  For girls there are the Dora the Explorer and Forever Friends socks.  As with all ranges, these come in a variety of colours and sizes.  It can be difficult to persuade kids that they need to wear warm socks but if their favourite characters are on them it can be much easier.

Alternatively, children might need thermal socks as the very cold weather approaches.  Thermal kids’ socks are ideal for keeping the winter chill at bay, particularly if the child needs to be spending time outdoors, either doing sports or just walking to and from school.  The thermal socks that are available for kids have an excellent thermal rating. These cosy garments come in several different colours, including black and grey, which makes them ideal for wearing with a school uniform.  These are made from a blend of acrylic and nylon, both of which are synthetic fibres. These materials are long lasting and have good thermal qualities, allowing moisture to be moved away from the skin and preventing the skin from going cold.  The acrylic is similar to wool, which helps to maintain the softness of the fibre.

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Choosing Baby Blankets for Winter

While baby blankets are a lovely decorative item, they are also practical, particularly for the winter months.  The blankets can be made from a variety of fibres including fleece, which is relatively inexpensive, to pure cotton, which is a natural fibre but costs a little more.  These can be purchased to fit a crib, cot, or pram and often are decorated with animal characters.

Baby blankets are considered to be a nice gift, particularly for Christmas, for someone who has just had or is about to have a baby.  Blankets are available in either pink or blue, and there are some in neutral colours that are ideal for babies of both genders.  Neutral shades include beige, lemon, and white.

When the weather takes a turn for the worse it is essential to ensure that a baby out in a pram is kept warm enough and blankets are the way to do that.  Fleece has excellent thermal properties and is ideal for babies as it is very soft and lightweight.  As an added bonus, the baby blankets are machine washable, which is essential as they can get dirty very easily.

Alternatively, there are baby shawls, ideal for wrapping a baby in when they are being carried around.  These are also soft, machine washable and come in a variety of colours and sizes.  Babies like to feel safe and warm and purchasing a baby blanket or shawl is an inexpensive way to achieve this.


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Choosing Women’s Socks for Winter

The winter months are upon us and women all over the country are digging out their favourite boots. Socks are an essential item, not only helping to keep the feet warm but for providing maximum comfort while the boots are being worn.  As with all ranges of socks, there are plenty of novelty options in the ladies socks range.  These come in a variety of colours and designs and are ideal for brightening up a dull day.

For the very cold days, thermal socks are essential.  These are available in packs of three and have three colour schemes – pink, grey, brown, and blue.  Each pair is slightly different with stripes, speckled and plain styles.  These have an excellent thermal rating and are 40% wool, which ensures that they are warm. The rest of the fibres are synthetic, which gives the socks excellent wicking qualities.

Alternatively, the Heat Holders range of thermal ladies socks are considered to have one of the best thermal ratings out of all thermal options.  These are available in single pairs and in a wide range of colours.  Those who are wearing wellington boots can also purchase special socks that are designed for wearing with these boots.  These long, vibrantly coloured garments are ideal for colder days.

Women who prefer not to wear socks can opt for leg warmers.  These are also brightly coloured and are once again becoming fashionable after their eighties heyday.


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Keeping the wind at bay in winter

As the bad weather strikes it is important to keep out the cold and this applies to people of all ages, although the frail and the very young are the most vulnerable.  Strong winds can lead to ear problems from the cold and protecting the ears with the latest trapper hats or wrapping a scarf around the head is the best way to do this.

Children’s winter hats can be purchased very cheaply and in the colder temperatures no child should be outdoors without one.  As heat is lost through the head a hat can help to keep the body warm, particularly when spending long periods outdoors.  Similar hats are available for men and women too and are made from a variety of fabrics including fleece.  The trapper hats are often faux fur lined, which is ideal for making people warm and cosy.

Winter coats are needed for the colder months but waterproof coats are essential.  These ensure that a person does not end up feeling damp and cold at the same time.  Making these an essential part of the wardrobe is a good idea for every member of the family.

The word ‘thermal’ can be applied to many different garments now and thermal underwear and socks are very popular at this time of year.  Men’s thermal underwear is a much wider range than it used to be, simply because it has evolved so much over the years and it is now associated with more than just the elderly.

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Choosing Baby Items for Winter

Those who have very young babies will know how important it is to protect them from the cold.  There is a whole range of baby items for winter that can easily be incorporated into the child’s wardrobe.

Mittens with a good thermal rating are essential.  These are easy to put on and allow some freedom of movement of the fingers.  The winter varieties are thicker and much warmer than the standard scratch mittens or other types that do not protect as well against the cold.  These are a blend of acrylic and spandex, so they are stretchy and will last a long time.

All-in-one outfits are very popular in the range of baby items for winter.  These are padded versions that keep the feet and hands covered and have a hood.  They feature different designs such as teddy bears and puppies and are ideal for when it is necessary to head out into the cold.  Indoor versions are made from fleece and can be worn over a T-shirt. The baby items come in a variety of colours, although blues and pinks are popular in the range.

Hats are also essential for babies.  The trapper hat style is popular as it has the side flaps that can protect the ears and head from the wind and the cold.  They are also very fashionable now and there are several different types from which to choose.


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Choosing Men’s’ Socks for Winter

Men’s socks are something of a standby item for Christmas presents.  They are often selected without the receivers input, so it is important to choose socks that are useful and fun.

Christmas socks make perfect gifts.  These have various Christmas designs on them and come in packs of two or three pairs.  These add an element of fun to sock wearing at Christmas.  Novelty socks are good for birthdays and other occasions and make a good stocking filler.  These are often made from a blend of fibres such as Lycra, cotton and polyamide.  These materials ensure that the socks are hardwearing and can withstand being rubbed on the inside of shoes.

The extra warm thermal men’s socks have a great thermal rating and are perfect for those who need to work outdoors or spend a lot of time outside for any reason.  These are made from acrylic and polyester. These materials help to wick moisture away from the skin, thereby preventing it from cooling on the skin and ensuring that the skin is dry and warm.

The high performance thermal ski socks are another option.  These are longer in length and have grip zones on the sole to give added support.  The shinbone area of the sock is also padded for extra protection. These socks are ideal for those who participate in winter sports and are made from acrylic, nylon, and elastane for added strength.  These socks are particularly popular and make a great gift for sports enthusiasts.


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Choosing Ladies Winter Scarves

It is considered that women are more inclined to add a scarf to their winter outfit than men are, simply because they see it as an accessory as well as a practical and functional item.  As scarves often come with matching gloves, they are the ideal way to finish off or brighten up an outfit.

Leopard print is gradually becoming more fashionable and has even made its way into the range of ladies winter scarves.  These have a soft feel and a reasonably good thermal rating to help to keep out the cold.  These are made from polyester. Although they are not waterproof, this synthetic fibre does allow them to dry out relatively quickly.

Ladies winter scarves, which also double as a hood, are rapidly becoming this year’s must-have item.  These fit neatly over the head and each end hangs down so it can be wrapped around the neck if needed like a standard scarf.  These items are constructed of acrylic, which is also a synthetic fibre.

Opting for a soft feel fleecy scarf is a good option.  These are very inexpensive to buy and can be purchased in a variety of colours to suit every outfit and mood.  Fleece has an excellent thermal rating and is ideal for very cold days.  Alternatively, a knitted wool scarf with a 70% wool content can add a luxurious feel to an outfit. These come with a tasselled design, which is a bit more traditional for winter scarves.


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Ladies Wellington Boots for Winter

Given the excessive amount of rain that some areas of the country get during the winter months, it is essential to have waterproof footwear. What better to wear than the trusty old Wellington boot? Or rather, nice new wellington boots. The range of ladies wellington boots is ideal for keeping the damp away from feet. They are perfect for all kinds of activities, from walking the dog to taking the children to school.

The good news is that ladies wellington boots are no longer just grey or black, but they come in a variety of colours and designs, so the weather may be damp and grey but the feet do not have to be drab as well.  In fact, as far wellington boots go, the brighter the better.  Pink boots with polka dots are one of the most popular designs available now, as well as the floral patterns that are all the rage.  While wellington boots were once considered a practical item, they are now fashionable if they are brightly coloured and can help the wearer to stand out from the crowd.

A quality style of Wellington boot has a good grip on the sole, so that in muddy conditions the wearer is less likely to slip.  Soles are often in a contrasting colour to the rest of the boot. Most also have a warm lining and insole, so that the foot can still be warm even in a plastic boot.  Some also have a buckle fastening on the side, which is a stylish decorative touch.


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