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January, 2012

Finding the Right Balance in Winter

The benefits of thermal garments should not be underestimated for the coldest days of the year.  Thermal clothing allows us to carry on with our lives without having to fight constantly to keep the cold out.  However, what about those days when it is not quite so cold?

When we have a mild winter, we need to be sure that we strike the right balance.  Wearing thermal gear could leave us feeling too warm, but at the same time, we cannot become complacent during unseasonably mild weather.  We are still prone to catching chills, and going out without hats, scarves and jackets could leave us caught out if there is a sudden change in the weather.

Plenty of garments are lighter and will do very nicely on slightly warmer days.  The range of men’s hats includes beanie hats, which are lighter and ideal for keeping any general chill out.  They are the perfect choice for milder days when it is not so warm that a hat is not needed.

Gloves can be considered essential on milder days by those who still feel the cold.  Fingerless gloves are a good option here.  Many people will not wear them on very cold days as they feel just keeping the palm of the hand warm is not enough, but on a milder day, they are ideal.  The range of ladies’ winter gloves has a number of different styles of winter gloves available.

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Waterproof Jackets for Winter

Ladies waterproof jackets are easy to find as they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colours.  A basic jacket is all that is needed to protect against the cold and the rain.  Lighter jackets that have a mesh lining are ideal for wearing over jumpers and sweatshirts and even fleece jackets on very cold days.  Most jackets of this type have a removable hood, which is ideal.  Hoods can seem to be bulky and many people would prefer to have an umbrella rather than a hood.  The jackets are generally made from 100% polyester, a synthetic fibre that is used because it is cost effective to manufacture and quick drying after use.

The men’s waterproof jackets are also a good buy for this time of year.  The 3-in-1 version has a fully detachable jacket inside made of fleece.  The two can be worn together or separately as needed.  The hood can be folded away when it is not needed and the pockets at the front – four in number – are zipped and perfect for keeping a wallet or mobile phone safe and dry.  These jackets are machine washable and made from polyester, so they are easy to care for and resistant to the rain.  These jackets are also supplied with their own bags and come in sizes ranging from small to extra large.  Versatility is important, and being able to purchase a garment such as this, which can be used in three different ways, provides solutions for many wearers.


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Enjoying a Winter Neck Snood

One of the best ways to keep warm in winter is by using a snood. These are extremely practical and a very versatile addition to any wardrobe. They are also available for both men and women. A snood can be used in a variety of ways, such as a neck scarf or as a neck scarf and head cover all in one.

Men’s snoods come in several designs but the colours are plain blacks or darker colours such as green and grey. The snoods, depending on which style is chosen, are made from 100% polyester or 100% acrylic. The acrylic snood is really only suited to hand washing while the polyester one is easily cleaned in a washing machine. The polyester men’s snood is thermal, so it gives added warmth to the wearer.

Women’s snoods are available in black, brown, grey or pink and are made from 80% acrylic and 20% metallised fibres, meaning its care is really only suited to hand washing. They offer the wearer added warmth in the winter and as it can be worn as both a neck scarf and a hat, it is more cost effective than buying the two items separately. Carrying just the one item also saves space in a handbag or pocket.

Snoods look very stylish when worn and are suitable attire for both men and women.  They are less claustrophobic than similar winter woolly’s, such as a balaclava, and can be worn as the perfect accessory to any outdoor wardrobe.


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Thermal T-shirts and Vests

Thermal underwear is a necessity in winter. Those who have never tried them before often find themselves wondering how they managed without when the cold weather really hits. Thermal t-shirts and vests are ideal for wearing under clothing to create an extra layer of warmth. This is particularly useful for those who work outside or in cold buildings.

Men’s thermal t-shirts come in both long and short-sleeved options so there is a t-shirt to suit every wardrobe. There is a range of vest tops that are also great for wearing under office wear, including short-sleeved shirts. They come in a range of colours, and white and black are popular choices. There is also a range of thermal vests and t-shirts that is available in a denim blue colour. Ladies thermal t-shirts and vests come in long and short sleeve styles and in a variety of colours including white, black, and cream. Thermals are typically manufactured in a combination of natural and synthetic materials.

There are a range of children’s thermal vests and t-shirts also available, making it now much easier to keep children warm. The little boys sizes come in both long and short sleeve t-shirts and sleeveless vest tops. The colour choices for the boy’s thermal tops are charcoal or white. Little girls also have the same long and short sleeve length options along with the vest top style, but this selection has a slightly different variant on colour scheme. Girls colour options include both pink and white.

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Leather Gloves for Winter

Leather gloves are both stylish and practical. They are also suitable for both men and women. Leather gloves are often limited in colour choices due to the nature of the material, but they always look good no matter what outfit is being worn. Wearing leather gloves in winter means hands stay warm and the natural materials also means the skin can breathe easily too.

Men’s leather gloves for winter are available with a half elasticated wrist cuff, meaning they fit more snugly, are more secure on the hands and remain warmer for longer. They are made from 100% leather and have a 100% polyester lining. The leather used is sheep skin. Another style in the men’s leather gloves range includes a pair of leather gloves with a Thinsulate lining that offers added comfort and warmth for the wearer. These are made from 100% sheepskin leather and the lining is 65% polypropylene and 35% polyester.

Women’s leather gloves are also available in similar styles.  The 100% leather gloves come in a choice of black or brown and have a button fastening at the wrist to ensure a comfortable and more secure fit for the wearer. The lining is 100% polyester.

Leather gloves are extremely practical and can be worn during all seasons if required. They are ideal to be worn as driving gloves too as they have a more natural grip. Leather gloves are often thought of as very expensive, but this is not the case. Leather gloves can be purchased at a very reasonable price. They are hardwearing and will last longer than cheaper gloves.

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Long Johns for Winter

Long Johns have been in existence for many years. Developments in their design and the use of different fabrics mean that Long Johns are now more comfortable than ever before and ideal for wearing when carrying out a variety of tasks.  The developments in design also mean that Long Johns have lost their “old man” image.  This type of thermal underwear has become very popular with those who participate in winter sports.

Long Johns – or long janes – are designed to be worn by anybody, no matter what their shape and size.  When being worn under other types of clothing, they are not visible, so no one else can tell that the wearer has thermal underwear on.  Men’s thermal underwear is designed with no side seams so that they are comfortable to wear and the wearer will not suffer any chafing.

This type of garment is the reason why skiers and other winter sports participants do not seem to feel the cold.  Anyone wanting to partake in skiing, snowboarding, or other snow sport will find that they will be better prepared with the right thermal underwear.

However, it is not just for sports that Long Johns will come in handy.  How many people have to walk their dog each day, even when the weather has taken a turn for the worse?  Those who need to walk to work or work outdoors will find that Long Johns provide a solution to the biting cold that we often experience at this time of year.


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Trapper Hats for Winter

Trapper hats are a popular style for both men and women. This is because they are very practical, particularly for those who have to spend long periods outdoors in cold weather, or for those who love just to keep warm even on short trips. The trapper hat is designed to have ear flaps that not only provide added warmth for the wearer but added protection for the face and ears. The trapper hat protects from the elements such as wind and rain, the combination of which can result in earache or infection.

The men’s trapper hats come in several styles. They can be faux fur lined or fleece lined, and there are several styles that are thermal for additional warmth. Men’s trapper hats generally come in plain, dark colours, and are stylish enough to be worn for both work and casual wear.

Women’s trapper hats are very practical and come in a variety of styles.  Ladies also have the choice of additional features such as pom pom tassels with a wider variety of colour choices. There are also funky and novelty styles such as animal print patterns complete with animal ears.

For children, trapper hats have the most varied choice of styles and colours. As well as the standard plain block colour trapper hats that come with a faux fur or fleece lining, kid’s trapper hats are also available in a novelty form. Select from a wide variety of animals including a bear, a crocodile, or a dog, each lined for extra comfort and warmth.


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Slipper Socks for Men

Over the last few years, the popularity of slipper socks for women has increased a great deal.  This is because they do the job of slippers but can still help to keep the foot warm.  They have a grip on the bottom to prevent slips on surfaces such as laminate floor or tiles.  They are the ideal solution for those who do not like to wear traditional slippers.

Slipper socks are also a good solution for the elderly and as they offer extra warmth, they can be worn as standard socks with slippers.  Keeping warm in winter is essential, particularly for those who are most vulnerable to the cold.

These useful slipper socks are now available for men.  Men’s slipper socks are perfect for the winter months as they are slightly thicker than standard socks and again offer a solution for those who do not like to wear ordinary slippers.  They are available for foot sizes up to 12.  They are unusual as they are more likely to be associated with women and this helps to make them a good choice of gift for the man who has everything.

They are usually made from synthetic fibres such as polyester, polyamide, and elastane.  Elastane helps to give the sock the necessary flexibility and the ability to keep its shape against standard wear and tear. Using synthetic fibres helps to give the product a slightly longer lifespan, as they tend to be more durable than natural wool.


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Magic Gloves for Winter

Magic gloves are a fabulous invention. They are small and so space saving – they can be easily left in a coat pocket when not in use without the bulky feel often associated with gloves, and yet they are stretchy enough to fit even the largest of hand.

Magic gloves are popular with children too. Kid’s magic gloves come in a variety of colours and styles. Some have rubbery grips on them so they can be used when carrying items outside with less risk of dropping things. The bright bold patterned magic gloves are ideal for little ladies who want to feel both warm and girly on a cold winter day. The darker black and blue patterns are ideal accessories for any little boy’s wardrobe, with one style having the rubber grips in the form of bones making it look like a skeleton hand.

The high spandex content in the magic gloves mean they are comfortable to wear even for adults. Men’s magic gloves also come with rubbery grips so they can be worn for driving as well as gardening and a variety of other activities. The elastic content makes them very flexible and comfortable for wearing on any hand shape and size.

Women’s magic gloves are also highly practical. Women’s styles include a fingerless option for added flexibility of use. Some of the fingerless options also convert to full finger gloves, meaning that they become two pairs for the price of one, an excellent money saving idea.



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Beanie Hats for Winter

One of the best ways to stay warm while active in winter is by wearing a hat. Beanie hats are extremely popular with people of all ages and are suitable for both men and women. Men’s winter hats come in a variety of styles and colours including plains and patterns. Hats with ear flaps are ideal for those people who work outside or for when there is a cold wind, as it will reduce the risk of ear problems. The Thinsulate and thermal hats are designed for added protection against the cold. The Thinsulate fabric is lightweight and does not feel too bulky when worn. The balaclava style will also ensure the face stays warm on the coldest of days.

Ladies winter hats are not only functional but stylish, too. Often made with more colourful fabrics and bolder patterns, ladies hats also come in a variety of styles including novelty animal shapes with ears.  Many unisex styles are suitable for both men and women and there are several designs with faux fur lining and trimmings for an added touch of luxury.

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Beanie hats for winter are also available in a wide variety of styles suitable for children.  There are several fun and novelty styles in the shape of various animals suitable for younger children. A range of styles suitable for older children includes camouflage prints, skull and cross bones patterns, and stripes. When teamed with other accessories including scarves and gloves parents can be assured their child is properly protected against the cold.



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