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Children’s Thermal Underwear

Even if there is no snow or frost, the winter days can be bitterly cold, particularly those with strong winds such as those experienced in recent weeks.  The wind chill factor can drop the temperature several degrees, turning what seems to be a fairly mild day into one with arctic conditions.  Children, however, do not seem to care much about temperatures.  They want to be out in all weathers and protecting them from chills is very important.

There is a wide range of children’s thermal underwear.  The range of boys’ thermal underwear includes long johns, long and short-sleeved t-shirts, and vests.  These come in both light and dark colours and are designed to be close fitting.  These garments have no side seams so there is no chafing, which makes them comfortable and practical items.  The range of girls’ thermal underwear is similar – although available in several pastel shades and of course, long johns become long janes.

Thermal underwear is suitable for wearing on many occasions and is ideal for children going back to school after the Christmas break.  Standing at bus stops and hanging around in the school playground are not ideal activities in the cold weather and thermal underwear can help to combat chills.  The range of thermal underwear available has a very good thermal rating and the fibres used are often a blend of synthetics, or natural and synthetic materials, so they are soft and feel comfortable next to the skin.


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