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Fleece Throws for Winter

Additional bed covers often are needed in winter to add a little extra warmth, particularly on very chilly nights.  Fleece throws are a good option in this situation.  They are warm while still being lightweight so they will not feel heavy when spread over the top of a duvet or other blankets.

Fleece is a very versatile fabric for winter and can be used in many different items such as jackets, gloves, and scarves.  Fleece was developed as a low cost alternative to wool and other expensive fibres. Because it can be mass produced, it retains its affordability.  It is machine washable and very easy to care for.

Children’s fleece throws come in a wide variety of colours and designs and often feature characters such as Dora the Explorer, Bart Simpson, Spiderman, and the Disney Princesses.  They are also available with a variety of football club logos on them, so there is something for everyone.  It is an easy way of adding their favourite characters to the decor without the need to redecorate.

The throws are mainly available in a single bed size, but their use is not limited to a bed cover.  They can also be used in the lounge as a throw on a child’s favourite chair or simply as a knee blanket while in the car. As they are lightweight and do not take up a lot of room while they are rolled up they are also ideal for taking on camping trips.


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