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Staying Warm and Comfortable Indoors

When the winter weather arrives, we give a lot of consideration to how to stay warm and dry when outdoors, but we also need to consider how to stay warm indoors.  Most of us make good use of our central heating. By wearing the right clothes, we can drop the thermostat down a degree or two and save a bit of money without noticing any difference in temperature.

Jogging pants are a good way to help to stay warm.  These are often fairly thick when compared to other types of clothing worn indoors. Because they usually have elasticated waists, they are ideal for wearing to relax.  These are available in two main styles – with either an elasticated cuff at the ankle or an open cuff.  They are perfect for children while they are playing indoors and are easy to wash and maintain.

Most styles of jogging pants have pockets, some with zips and some without.  They are often made from a blend of cotton and polyester, making them soft to the touch. The synthetic polyester will help to give the material a longer life span.  The waistbands on the jogging pants are usually drawstring so they can be adjusted to suit.

The jogging pants come in a variety of colours and sizes and – even though they are ideal for relaxing in – the more active among us could actually use them for jogging!


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