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Winter Hats for Ladies

When it comes to ladies winter hats, not everyone wants to play it safe with a basic design.  Some people want a hat that is a little more fashionable and will stand out in a crowd.  Bright and unusual designs are no longer just for children and there are many available for adults who want to cheer up the dreary winter days.

The faux fur headband is something new on the market.  This has the benefit of keeping the head warm but does not have the effect of flattening down a hairstyle like some hats do.  This is created from a mix of polyester and acrylic fibres and is machine washable, so it is easy to care for.  The headband will stretch to fit any head size and give a stylish touch to any outfit.

Alternatively, those who prefer their ladies winter hats to have more of a fun factor will enjoy the beanie hats that are designed with animal faces on them.  The panda design is particularly popular and it shows that designs such as this are not just reserved for the children in the family.  Taking this concept one step further is the faux fur trapper hat, which is designed to resemble an animal’s head. This style of hat will keep the wearer nice and warm and has the added benefit of protecting the ears. A plain trapper style hat that has pom poms hanging from the ear flaps can also be purchased.


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