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Advantages of a Combined Hat and Scarf for Winter

As designers and manufacturers become more innovative in their approach to simple items such as scarves and hats for winter, they are becoming aware of the advantage of combining these two items.  The combined hat and scarf is a functional item that is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for children.  The hat is designed so that on either side there is a long section resembling a scarf that can be wrapped around the neck in the same way that a separate scarf can.  The back of the hood and scarf will fully cover the neck.

These hoods and scarves combined sometimes have pockets in them so that they do not have to be worn around the neck but the sides can be allowed to hang.  These are made from acrylic, which is a synthetic fibre and has the look and feel of real wool.  The use of acrylic keeps the cost of the items affordable, as it is relatively inexpensive to produce.

Children in particular find it very easy to lose things like hats and scarves and this could be one solution.  It is a much more fun item to wear so they may be more inclined to look after it when it is not being worn.  The combination also solves a problem of obtaining matching items.  Matching hats and scarves are readily available, but as items become separated, we often end up wearing mismatched items in order to keep warm when outdoors.


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