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Magic Gloves for Winter

Magic gloves are a fabulous invention. They are small and so space saving – they can be easily left in a coat pocket when not in use without the bulky feel often associated with gloves, and yet they are stretchy enough to fit even the largest of hand.

Magic gloves are popular with children too. Kid’s magic gloves come in a variety of colours and styles. Some have rubbery grips on them so they can be used when carrying items outside with less risk of dropping things. The bright bold patterned magic gloves are ideal for little ladies who want to feel both warm and girly on a cold winter day. The darker black and blue patterns are ideal accessories for any little boy’s wardrobe, with one style having the rubber grips in the form of bones making it look like a skeleton hand.

The high spandex content in the magic gloves mean they are comfortable to wear even for adults. Men’s magic gloves also come with rubbery grips so they can be worn for driving as well as gardening and a variety of other activities. The elastic content makes them very flexible and comfortable for wearing on any hand shape and size.

Women’s magic gloves are also highly practical. Women’s styles include a fingerless option for added flexibility of use. Some of the fingerless options also convert to full finger gloves, meaning that they become two pairs for the price of one, an excellent money saving idea.



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