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Trapper Hats for Winter

Trapper hats are a popular style for both men and women. This is because they are very practical, particularly for those who have to spend long periods outdoors in cold weather, or for those who love just to keep warm even on short trips. The trapper hat is designed to have ear flaps that not only provide added warmth for the wearer but added protection for the face and ears. The trapper hat protects from the elements such as wind and rain, the combination of which can result in earache or infection.

The men’s trapper hats come in several styles. They can be faux fur lined or fleece lined, and there are several styles that are thermal for additional warmth. Men’s trapper hats generally come in plain, dark colours, and are stylish enough to be worn for both work and casual wear.

Women’s trapper hats are very practical and come in a variety of styles.  Ladies also have the choice of additional features such as pom pom tassels with a wider variety of colour choices. There are also funky and novelty styles such as animal print patterns complete with animal ears.

For children, trapper hats have the most varied choice of styles and colours. As well as the standard plain block colour trapper hats that come with a faux fur or fleece lining, kid’s trapper hats are also available in a novelty form. Select from a wide variety of animals including a bear, a crocodile, or a dog, each lined for extra comfort and warmth.


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