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Long Johns for Winter

Long Johns have been in existence for many years. Developments in their design and the use of different fabrics mean that Long Johns are now more comfortable than ever before and ideal for wearing when carrying out a variety of tasks.  The developments in design also mean that Long Johns have lost their “old man” image.  This type of thermal underwear has become very popular with those who participate in winter sports.

Long Johns – or long janes – are designed to be worn by anybody, no matter what their shape and size.  When being worn under other types of clothing, they are not visible, so no one else can tell that the wearer has thermal underwear on.  Men’s thermal underwear is designed with no side seams so that they are comfortable to wear and the wearer will not suffer any chafing.

This type of garment is the reason why skiers and other winter sports participants do not seem to feel the cold.  Anyone wanting to partake in skiing, snowboarding, or other snow sport will find that they will be better prepared with the right thermal underwear.

However, it is not just for sports that Long Johns will come in handy.  How many people have to walk their dog each day, even when the weather has taken a turn for the worse?  Those who need to walk to work or work outdoors will find that Long Johns provide a solution to the biting cold that we often experience at this time of year.


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