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Waterproof Jackets for Winter

Ladies waterproof jackets are easy to find as they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colours.  A basic jacket is all that is needed to protect against the cold and the rain.  Lighter jackets that have a mesh lining are ideal for wearing over jumpers and sweatshirts and even fleece jackets on very cold days.  Most jackets of this type have a removable hood, which is ideal.  Hoods can seem to be bulky and many people would prefer to have an umbrella rather than a hood.  The jackets are generally made from 100% polyester, a synthetic fibre that is used because it is cost effective to manufacture and quick drying after use.

The men’s waterproof jackets are also a good buy for this time of year.  The 3-in-1 version has a fully detachable jacket inside made of fleece.  The two can be worn together or separately as needed.  The hood can be folded away when it is not needed and the pockets at the front – four in number – are zipped and perfect for keeping a wallet or mobile phone safe and dry.  These jackets are machine washable and made from polyester, so they are easy to care for and resistant to the rain.  These jackets are also supplied with their own bags and come in sizes ranging from small to extra large.  Versatility is important, and being able to purchase a garment such as this, which can be used in three different ways, provides solutions for many wearers.


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