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February, 2012

Useful Winter Items for Spring

While many of us may be enjoying mild weather at the moment, the UK is not known for very predictable weather patterns. We have seen plenty of cold springs in the past, so it is a good idea to be prepared for the possibility that some of the coming days may feel more like winter.  Putting items away just to get them out again a few days later is inconvenient and time consuming.  This means that we do not have to abandon all of our winter garments just yet; we can certainly get a few more weeks of use out of them.

Plenty of items in our winter wardrobes will be useful in spring.  Items that are ‘thermal’ may not be needed, but plenty of lighter items, such as beanie hats and basic gloves, will be ideal for those spring days that start out with a touch of frost.  Casual scarves are useful for keeping the chill away and these are available in a basic acrylic version, rather than the heavy wool or fleece associated with winter.

There are plenty of baby winter items that should still be used at the start of spring.  These include the baby winter coats.  Young babies cannot let us know if they are very cold and it is important if venturing out to ensure that they are warm enough.  Items such as pram blankets may no longer be needed on mild days but it is as well to have them on hand just in case.

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Storing Items for Next Winter

Most of us have drawers full of bulky winter clothing. As spring approaches and the weather becomes milder, we will find ourselves using them less and less.  As this happens, we need to think about putting them away to keep them for next year.  Items need to be stored properly in order to prevent them being eaten by pests or suffering from damp conditions.  After having taken care of them all winter, it would be a shame to find that they are unusable next winter.

Woollen items such as scarves, hats, and winter gloves will all be susceptible to pests such as moths. Wrapping them in tissue paper and storing them with mothballs can be one way in which to prevent this.  Leather gloves can be wrapped in cloth too in order to help to keep them in the best condition.  Men’s and ladies thermal underwear should not just be pushed to the back of the drawer so that the summer items can sit at the front.  Opt for storage bags that can be sealed to prevent insects and moisture getting in.

In order to prevent damp, storage areas need to be kept well ventilated.  If possible, items should not be packed too tightly together.  This will allow the air to circulate.  Using silica gel in the area can also help to keep damp away from items.  For items which are to be stored in drawers, adding a sweet smelling bar of soap can help to keep the items smelling fresh throughout the year.

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Fleece Sleepsuits for Winter

When kitting the kids out with winter nightwear, fleece sleepsuits should be a consideration.  These are the all in one design that include feet.  Fleece is a synthetic material made from polyester, which has great thermal qualities and does not cost very much to produce.  These are ideal for very young children who have a tendency to kick off the covers during the night.

The suits zip up at the front and are comfortable to wear, providing plenty of room.  This is perfect for those who move around a lot during the night.  In addition, the designs of the suits often have children’s favourite cartoon characters on them.  These include Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses.

The sleeves and feet are usually in a contrasting colour but the range of colours includes pinks, blues, and yellows.  Collars and cuffs also match.  Children love bright colours and garments such as these can quickly become favourites. The sleepsuits are machine washable and, if looked after properly and providing the child has not grown out of them, they should last for at least one winter.

The issue of keeping children warm at night is important.  In many cases, people do not keep their heating on overnight and if there is a sudden drop in temperature then children can start to feel the cold easily.  Dressing them in a fleece sleepsuits is one way to ensure that the chill is kept at bay.


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Men’s Thermal Wellington Boot Socks

Men’s thermal Wellington boot socks could be the ideal solution to keep warm in winter. A good quality pair of socks will be comfortable and supportive under a pair of Wellington boots. They will help to keep the feet and lower leg warm while offering breathability that will carry moisture away from the skin and keep feet fresher for longer.

Wellington boot socks made from natural material such as wool will perhaps offer the best environment for the feet. This fabric will reduce the risk of athlete’s foot. The socks are machine washable making them easy to keep clean.  They need some form of elasticity to ensure a good fit, prevent uncomfortable slippage, and ensure the right flexibility when the feet are in motion. Choosing socks that have a small amount of elastane will prevent these problems occurring.

Men’s thermal Wellington boot socks are available in sizes 6-11 and a wide choice of colours, including brown and bottle green. They do not have to be worn under Wellingtons only. Anyone who works outdoors or who enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking or maybe even bird watching will find they are warm and comfortable enough to wear all day. They are cushioned to provide added comfort to the wearer. Because they have a reinforced heel and toe, they will not wear out as quickly as some others on the market will. The range of colours means even the most stylish nature lover can find a pair to suit their taste.


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Choosing the Right Winter Hat for Baby

Keeping a baby warm in winter is every parent’s top priority. Small babies are usually easy to keep warm as they can be wrapped in blankets, but keeping the head warm is also very important. Dressing the baby in clothes that include a hood such as a baby grow or sleep suit is wise, as the hood is attached and not likely to fall off easily if the child wriggles around while sleeping or sitting in their pram or push chair.

A hat with ties for a very young baby is perhaps not the best idea as they do tend to wriggle and the ties can easily become caught on something. They are, however, ideal for older babies who may try to take the hat off, as it will prevent the hat from being dropped and then lost.

Choosing the right winter hat for babies can also be fun. There are so many great designs, especially hats they are inspired by animals that have the added touch of a pair of ears attached. These can be fun for both boys and girls of all ages who have a sense of fun. Made with fabrics that are easy to keep clean, they are also ideal as gifts for younger family or friends.

Some older boys might not like the idea of animal designs on their head and so the trapper style hat might be just the right thing for them. These are fun and functional and as they are often lined with fleece, they are warm. The earflaps are also great for keeping the cold wind out and therefore eliminating risk of infection.


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Knitted Slipper Socks for Winter

Everybody likes to feel cosy and warm during the winter months and one way to help with this is to opt for knitted slipper socks.  The ‘Nordic’ style of slipper sock is particularly popular at the moment. They make ideal gifts for those who are feeling the cold and who want to keep up with the latest trends.  The design on them resembles a snowflake so it is a very ‘winter’ themed item.

Slipper socks are designed to be non-skid so those who have laminate or tiled flooring will not have a problem staying upright while wearing them. Available in a variety of colours, they are often available with a faux fur lining, giving them even better thermal qualities.  They are made from a blend of acrylic and polyester, which gives them a longer life span. Slipper socks are very easy to care for, with many styles machine washable, and proper care should see them last for more than one winter.

Slipper socks are the latest trend for those who do not like traditional slippers and this bootee style is perfect for keeping the feet warm without having to compromise.  These slipper socks are also perfect for children as it can often be difficult to persuade them to keep their slippers on.  They are also very comfortable to wear and can be the ideal remedy for those who have been on their feet all day.

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Getting Out and About in Winter

One thing we all need is fresh air.  There are times when we simply cannot stay cooped up in the house, no matter how bad the weather, but getting out and about is difficult if we cannot face the cold.  This is when it is worthwhile to have the right garments to help keep the cold out.  If we venture out into the cold without the help of thermal underwear and other winter weather items, we risk becoming extremely cold and requiring hours to warm up again properly.

There is a vast range of both men’s and ladies thermal underwear available.  This type of garment works by ‘wicking’, which means keeping the damp of perspiration away from the skin so that it does not dry on the skin and become cold.  However, it does not make the garment wet or cold.  Most of the thermal underwear available has been created from a blend of synthetic fibres that allow quick drying and therefore give the underwear a better thermal rating.

Add to this a good winter hat, scarf, and gloves and anybody is ready to venture outdoors.  Winter may not be the most appealing time of year for most people but there is still plenty to do outdoors whether walking the dog, taking the children to the park or just wandering around the shops.  A mantra for winter should be ‘think thermal’ so we can all enjoy this beautiful season.

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Winter Gloves with Palm Grips

One of the worst things about having to wear gloves so often during the winter months is that they can make everyday tasks so much harder.  It can be difficult to grip on to anything and the constant removing of gloves when in shops and such can make wearing them seem like a pointless exercise.  Opting for gloves with a palm grip can help to resolve this problem.

On some gloves, the grip on the palm can seem to be like the small bead-type sole of a slipper sock.  This ensures when holding an item that may slip such as an umbrella or bag handle, there is better traction and it becomes easier to grip.  The grip on some styles of glove extends also to the fingers, ensuring that tasks such as handling change become a little easier too.  The ‘magic’ gloves that are made to one size and which stretch to fit all are also available with a palm grip.

Winter gloves with a palm grip are also available as a padded style or a knitted version.  These gloves are created from synthetic fibres such as polyester, which dries well in damp weather and which is ideal for making waterproof gloves.  Woollen gloves are generally made from acrylic, which is also a synthetic fibre and which feels like real wool.  The benefit of both materials is that they are very cost effective to manufacture and therefore they can be used to make inexpensive garments.


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Baby Blankets and Shawls for Winter

Keeping babies warm in winter can be difficult.  It is very easy to overdo it and make them too warm, which can be just as bad as not being warm enough.  When mobile, pram blankets are ideal for keeping out the cold and there are plenty of different designs from which to choose.  Children love cartoon characters and there are animal designs such as giraffes, rabbits, and teddy bears that are sure to delight them.  The blankets are usually made from fleece.  This material is ideal, as it is machine washable and very cost effective.  The fleece has good thermal qualities so even when out and about on the coldest days, parents can be sure that their babies are warm.

Cellular blankets are also available in cot size and these are designed to be free of allergens.  They are made from 100% cotton, which is a completely natural fibre and is machine washable.  These top quality blankets will last a long time if cared for properly.  These come in pram sizes as well and they are available in a wide range of colours.

An alternative to a baby’s winter blanket is a shawl.  These are often made from acrylic and have a similar appearance to wool, although they are much cheaper to produce, as acrylic is a synthetic fibre.  They offer the same softness as wool and have a good thermal rating. These are ideal for wrapping a baby in if he needs to be carried.

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Buying Now for Next Winter

This might seem like a strange thing to do, particularly given that parts of the country are still suffering very cold temperatures, but now is a good time to stock up on various winter items for next year.  The end of the winter season means that retailers are thinking about their summer stock and there are many bargains to be found among the winter items, such as thermal socks for men, women and children as well as the wide range of winter thermal underwear for people of all ages.

A good retailer will stock these items all year round anyway and will ensure that the customer gets good value for money all the time, but putting a few items away now for use next year means that nobody is caught out when the cold temperatures suddenly descend with little warning.  Thermal items such as socks, hats, gloves, and underwear can make all the difference when trying to keep the cold out and for many people they should be essential, rather than an optional extra.

These are relatively small items and can easily be stored for next year.  Now is also a good time to check existing items.  After a winter of use, socks may have developed holes and there will be some wear and tear on some items.  With the good prices available on these and other winter garments, replacing them will not cost a fortune and will be a good investment in advance of next winter.

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