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Thermal Ski Socks for Men

There are times when a standard pair of thermal socks is just not enough.  Those who indulge in winter sports will be grateful for a pair of socks that has been specially designed for the purpose.  These have been designed to have a high thermal rating and can be worn when taking part in a number of sporting activities, including trekking.

This range of men’s thermal ski socks has a number of additional features that make them very effective.  These include a longer leg and the tops have been designed to be comfort fit.  The shin area of the sock is padded for extra protection while taking part in winter sports.  The stretch panel ensures a better fit and there are grip zones that provide more support for the ankle and foot, which is essential for sportsmen.

These men’s’ thermal ski socks are made from a blend of acrylic, nylon, and elastane. These are all synthetic fibres that ensure that the sock will keep its shape, provide the thermal qualities needed, and be easy to care for.  They are available in several colours and one size will fit feet sized from six to 11.  They are available as single pairs.

Thermal ski socks are also available for women and there are several styles to choose from.  These make the ideal gift for the more active members of the family who do not care what the weather is like while taking part in sports.


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