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Slipper Socks for Women

Slipper socks are one of the most popular innovations in recent years.  Many people do not like to wear standard slippers but they still need to keep their feet warm and cosy when it gets colder.  Slipper socks come in a variety of styles, from a style that looks like a standard sock to a slip-on ballerina type slipper.

These have pads on the bottom which serve to prevent slips when walking on laminated floor or tiles and which give the bottom of the sock a little more protection against wear and tear.  The sock-style slippers give a very casual look and these are often made from materials that are fluffy or just thicker than standard socks. This is ideal for colder days and the wearer can put their feet up on the couch without being told to take their footwear off.

The ballerina type women’s slipper socks also come in a fluffy variety, which makes them ideal for putting on after getting out of the bath or shower.  This can be the fleece type sock or the ‘feather’ style.  These and other types of women’s slipper socks are popular with people of all ages as they are very comfortable to wear.

An additional advantage to these slipper socks is that they are very reasonably priced so opting for these rather than standard slippers can save a few pounds.  They are also easy to care for – they can be washed in the washing machine with other items of clothing.

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