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Dressing for a Sudden Cold Spell

One of the things we have become aware of in the UK is that our weather is very unpredictable.  Mild spells can very suddenly turn into cold spells, and a day with great sunshine does not necessarily mean that we will not get a downpour.  Being prepared for the colder weather is essential.

Stocking up on cold weather essentials is one of the best ways to be prepared.  There is a wide range of both men’s and ladies’ thermal underwear available now and it is not expensive to add a few items to the wardrobe just in case.  A thermal t-shirt is an excellent choice for wearing under a sweater or shirt, just to keep the chill at bay and these are available in a range of sizes for people of all ages.  Team these with the thermal long johns or long janes, and even arctic temperatures will not be able to get through.

Thermal socks are always a welcome addition to the wardrobe as there is nothing worse than cold feet. As these come in a variety of colours and styles they can be used as school socks for children and are perfect for wearing with boots in the wetter weather.

Opting for thermal items during the winter months can mean the difference between simply coping in the cold weather and getting through it comfortably – and comfortable is the one thing we should all be aiming for when planning our winter wardrobes.


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