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Winter Scarves for Children

Winter scarves are one of the items that children tend to mislay easily, so it is important to add more than one to their wardrobe for the colder months of the year.  The scarves with hoods are a good choice as this avoids the need to try to match separate garments.  Children’s winter scarves now come in a variety of designs and there is something to suit all tastes.

For a scarf with an excellent thermal rating, there is the knitted Fair Isle design with lambs’ wool and fleece lining.  A popular design for girls, this is ideal for wearing while playing outdoors or while taking part in some sports.  Fair Isle is a good choice for a matching hat, particularly the Peruvian style hats with ear flaps. Children’s winter scarves are only one part of the necessary dressing for winter.  Other items such as thermal socks and gloves can help to keep the child warm and cosy in the coldest of temperatures.

Standard fleece scarves are a good option for kids as these can be easily matched with hats and gloves and are often available in sets.  Fleece is a synthetic fibre that is mass produced at a low cost, making it very affordable for the majority of people.  Purchasing one or more scarves in fleece material is a good option. Because these are soft to the touch, there is none of the itchiness associated with some other synthetic fibres.


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