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The Benefits of a Transparent Umbrella

When winter days are with us and it is rainy and cold, it is often hard to use an umbrella. This is where transparent dome umbrellas come into their own.  A standard umbrella can take up too much room and can cause a hazard for others who are walking along the pavement.  In addition, they cannot be carried too low otherwise the user would not be able to see, particularly on darker days.

The transparent dome umbrellas can solve many of these problems.  Because they are a dome shape, they are easier to use when the weather is windy and they can be used to protect the head of the user much better from the rain as they sit neatly over the head.  Each has a coloured trim on it so that the edge can be easily seen.  The dome umbrella will have a length of 31.5 inches from top to bottom and a width of 30 inches when it is open, so it can fit over the head and shoulders of the user.  The design of the transparent umbrella is very durable and when looked after properly, they should last for several years.

A number of dome umbrellas have a pattern on them but they are generally clear for visibility purposes and the user is still able to see through them.  When the weather becomes windy, most people will abandon an umbrella altogether, but this will leave them wet and cold as a result.

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