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Benefits of a Balaclava in Winter

The notion of a balaclava conjures up images of children in wartime or those taking part in winter sports, but these are very practical items that can be used by anybody, from those who are working outside or those who choose to walk to work or school.

The main benefit of a balaclava is that it covers the ears.  Ears are very sensitive to the cold and there is nothing worse than earache.  Protecting ears from the wind and the rain should be a priority in order to avoid the pain associated with earache. There are designs that will also cover the mouth and nose, making it even easier to protect the face from the elements.  They are also perfect for those who need to cycle to work and who will find that the wind can be very damaging for the skin.  Men’s balaclavas are part of the men’s winter hat range and they are affordable.

A balaclava is usually made from a woollen fabric that makes it feel soft to the touch.  Opting for one that is acrylic rather than pure wool can give it a longer life span and make it easier to care for, as it is machine washable. Caring for it properly means that the item will last for several years.  There are some that have a thermal lining, which gives added protection on the colder days of the year.


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