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The Benefits of Wellington Boots

Wellington boots are something that most of us have had at one time or another and for the same reason – to keep our feet nice and dry on the wettest of days.  However, they are also useful when it is not raining.  Anyone who has to walk a dog every day knows that even when it has not rained for a few days, paths can still be muddy.  Wellingtons are the best way to keep feet dry.

Made from durable and moulded plastic, wellington boots are designed to cover not just the foot, but the ankle and calf as well.  This ensures that trouser legs can be tucked into them and the wearer does not have the problem of them getting wet as they are too close to the floor.   These are particularly useful for children, especially when there are plenty of puddles to be splashing in.

After a cold snap, wellington boots are an essential as the ground begins to thaw, leading to mud everywhere.  Wearing ordinary shoes and trainers is useless when accidentally putting a foot into a deep puddle.  The last thing anyone needs is a shoe full of mud and water.

Most styles of wellington boot now have a good thick sole on them with a good grip – ideal for icy and wetter weather and most now have a quality lining included in the foot area.  This means that they will also help to keep the foot warm and when teamed with thermal socks are ideal for winter.


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