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Winter Gloves with Palm Grips

One of the worst things about having to wear gloves so often during the winter months is that they can make everyday tasks so much harder.  It can be difficult to grip on to anything and the constant removing of gloves when in shops and such can make wearing them seem like a pointless exercise.  Opting for gloves with a palm grip can help to resolve this problem.

On some gloves, the grip on the palm can seem to be like the small bead-type sole of a slipper sock.  This ensures when holding an item that may slip such as an umbrella or bag handle, there is better traction and it becomes easier to grip.  The grip on some styles of glove extends also to the fingers, ensuring that tasks such as handling change become a little easier too.  The ‘magic’ gloves that are made to one size and which stretch to fit all are also available with a palm grip.

Winter gloves with a palm grip are also available as a padded style or a knitted version.  These gloves are created from synthetic fibres such as polyester, which dries well in damp weather and which is ideal for making waterproof gloves.  Woollen gloves are generally made from acrylic, which is also a synthetic fibre and which feels like real wool.  The benefit of both materials is that they are very cost effective to manufacture and therefore they can be used to make inexpensive garments.


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