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Knitted Slipper Socks for Winter

Everybody likes to feel cosy and warm during the winter months and one way to help with this is to opt for knitted slipper socks.  The ‘Nordic’ style of slipper sock is particularly popular at the moment. They make ideal gifts for those who are feeling the cold and who want to keep up with the latest trends.  The design on them resembles a snowflake so it is a very ‘winter’ themed item.

Slipper socks are designed to be non-skid so those who have laminate or tiled flooring will not have a problem staying upright while wearing them. Available in a variety of colours, they are often available with a faux fur lining, giving them even better thermal qualities.  They are made from a blend of acrylic and polyester, which gives them a longer life span. Slipper socks are very easy to care for, with many styles machine washable, and proper care should see them last for more than one winter.

Slipper socks are the latest trend for those who do not like traditional slippers and this bootee style is perfect for keeping the feet warm without having to compromise.  These slipper socks are also perfect for children as it can often be difficult to persuade them to keep their slippers on.  They are also very comfortable to wear and can be the ideal remedy for those who have been on their feet all day.

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