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Choosing the Right Winter Hat for Baby

Keeping a baby warm in winter is every parent’s top priority. Small babies are usually easy to keep warm as they can be wrapped in blankets, but keeping the head warm is also very important. Dressing the baby in clothes that include a hood such as a baby grow or sleep suit is wise, as the hood is attached and not likely to fall off easily if the child wriggles around while sleeping or sitting in their pram or push chair.

A hat with ties for a very young baby is perhaps not the best idea as they do tend to wriggle and the ties can easily become caught on something. They are, however, ideal for older babies who may try to take the hat off, as it will prevent the hat from being dropped and then lost.

Choosing the right winter hat for babies can also be fun. There are so many great designs, especially hats they are inspired by animals that have the added touch of a pair of ears attached. These can be fun for both boys and girls of all ages who have a sense of fun. Made with fabrics that are easy to keep clean, they are also ideal as gifts for younger family or friends.

Some older boys might not like the idea of animal designs on their head and so the trapper style hat might be just the right thing for them. These are fun and functional and as they are often lined with fleece, they are warm. The earflaps are also great for keeping the cold wind out and therefore eliminating risk of infection.


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  • When the season changes we are reminded of how important it is for proper clothing. But even though we know the season is changing most of us are never prepared until it is too late. Our heads and face are one of the most important areas to protect during these cold times. One of the best ways to keep the whole body warm is with a winter hat.

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