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Fleece Sleepsuits for Winter

When kitting the kids out with winter nightwear, fleece sleepsuits should be a consideration.  These are the all in one design that include feet.  Fleece is a synthetic material made from polyester, which has great thermal qualities and does not cost very much to produce.  These are ideal for very young children who have a tendency to kick off the covers during the night.

The suits zip up at the front and are comfortable to wear, providing plenty of room.  This is perfect for those who move around a lot during the night.  In addition, the designs of the suits often have children’s favourite cartoon characters on them.  These include Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses.

The sleeves and feet are usually in a contrasting colour but the range of colours includes pinks, blues, and yellows.  Collars and cuffs also match.  Children love bright colours and garments such as these can quickly become favourites. The sleepsuits are machine washable and, if looked after properly and providing the child has not grown out of them, they should last for at least one winter.

The issue of keeping children warm at night is important.  In many cases, people do not keep their heating on overnight and if there is a sudden drop in temperature then children can start to feel the cold easily.  Dressing them in a fleece sleepsuits is one way to ensure that the chill is kept at bay.


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