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March, 2012

Children’s Character Curtains

The quickest and easiest way to brighten and refresh a child’s bedroom is by changing the curtains. There are now so many curtains on the market specifically designed for children’s bedrooms or for those who are young at heart. There are suitable designs for both boys and girls in a variety of colours. The curtains are also very reasonably priced so swapping and changing to a different design on a regular basis, such as when the child decides their taste has changed, does not need to cost the earth.

There are character curtain designs to suit children of all ages. Little girls might enjoy the Dora the Explorer designs in pink, or the Fifi and the Flower Tots pattern when they are younger. Older children might prefer the Disney favourite, High School Musical. Little boys also have a wide choice for a variety of age groups such as SpongeBob Square pants or Noddy designs, while the older children might like the Simpsons inspired curtains.

The curtain designs also come with matching bedding sets sold separately. Duvet covers and pillowcases can help to complete the look of the room very cheaply and easily. The sets can make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift too.

The curtains are all pre-made in a variety of sizes; these are not made to measure. However, they are made form 100% cotton or 100% polyester microfiber and are completely machine washable and easy to care for.


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Baby Shoes and Booties

Baby shoes and booties are very important for a very young child. They can be used to help keep the baby warm on a cooler day or for support when they start to toddle. Dressy shoes look fantastic when a child is going to a party or a special occasion and who would not want their baby to look great?

Baby shoes and booties come in a variety of styles. They include sandals, dress shoes, and trainers. There are also some designed as boots made from warm but soft fabrics. The boot styles are both available in pink so perfectly suited to little girls, and a black flower design is available. For baby boys there is a great choice of shoes, sandals, and trainers. The colour range of blues, blacks, and greys means they will match most little boy’s outfits just fine.

The baby shoes and booties come with several different fastens. Lace up or Velcro is very popular with smaller children as buckles tend to be too awkward or fiddly for smaller fingers. Velcro fastenings make the footwear easier to slip on and off when needed with much less fuss.

The baby shoes and booties are available in a wide range of sizes from zero to three months up to 18 months. Some of the footwear is available for older children too, up to a baby size ten. As babies tend to grow very quickly this could mean outgrowing the footwear rapidly, but at the low prices, buying several pairs is very affordable.

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Preparing for Baby

Every year, many people make plans for a new addition to their family and this includes purchasing large items such as cots.  There are many different styles of baby cot available now but these are available at a very reasonable cost.  It is important to get a good quality cot as it will last for the first two-three years of a child’s life and as some styles convert into a junior bed, it can be used for even longer than that.  These items are often self-assembled but come with full instructions and converting them into the junior bed at a later date is easy to do.

A heavy-duty baby cot/bed can be purchased plain and some styles come with free accessories such as a changing mat.  These have teething rails that are durable and the mattress base can be repositioned.  Cot sizes are standard and so are the mattresses, so that if the mattress needs to be replaced, finding the right size is not a difficult task and should not be an expensive one either.

Having a comfortable cot for baby is essential, as it is important that the baby is able to sleep well; every new parent knows that sleep is hard to come by. Good quality linens are also available. Purchasing sheets, cot blankets and other items is also easy to do and none of these is very expensive, so preparing for baby may not cost as much as first thought.


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Choosing Men’s Summer hats

Hats for men in the summer are becoming increasingly popular and there is now a wide variety of styles available.  The cotton twill bush hats are very popular. This hat is perfect for those who need a hat for sunnier climes, as cotton is a natural fibre and will allow the skin beneath to breathe and protect it from the sun.  This hat has side poppers and it is available in more than one colour option.

Trilby hats are very British and are also popular with men in the summer.  The straw version has a striped band and it is ideal for adding a stylish touch to a summer outfit.  The men’s summer hat range also includes the cotton twill bush hat with mesh vents, ensuring that the air is still allowed to circulate and preventing the head from sweating too much.

Fun hats are another option and many people want to wear a hat that displays their national flag, particularly when there are sporting events taking place.  The bucket hats are ideal for casual summer wear and these can be purchased in a wide variety of colour options and with different flags on them.  One example is the Scotland flag, which can be found on both blue and cream coloured hats and these are available at a very reasonable cost.  Alternatively, there is the cowboy hat, which is also made from 100% cotton and has mesh for air circulation.  This is available in one colour option but the colour is neutral and it can be worn with a variety of summer outfits.


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Choosing children’s sleeping bags

At this time of year we are considering holidays and there are many families who enjoy simple holidays such as camping.  There are many advantages to a camping holiday including the lower cost, the quality time spent together as a family and the chance to spend more time in the fresh air.

However, when planning a camping trip, there can be some outlay when sorting out essentials such as airbeds, ground sheets, sleeping bags and – of course – a tent.  The good news is that sleeping bags are available at a very reasonable cost and advances in design mean that they are no longer the bulky items that they used to be and will roll up fairly small while still offering a good degree of warmth.

Children’s sleeping bags in particular are great fun as they are now adorned with a variety of their favourite characters from films and cartoons such as Toy Story, Disney Princesses and Thomas the Tank Engine.  These are perfect for children to use both for camping and sleepovers and as they are made from polyester, they are hard wearing.  Polyester has been designed to dry more quickly than natural fibres and this is ideal if they are being used outdoors. In addition, they are machine washable so are easy to care for.

There are sleeping bags – known as snuggle sacs – available for indoor use.  These are also ideal for sleepovers but should not be used outdoors as they may not be warm enough.


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Choosing the Right Embroidered Duvet Sets

In recent years, the cost of embroidered duvet sets has come down in price remarkably and it is now possible to purchase good quality sets without breaking the bank.  Embroidered sets are particularly fashionable at the moment and are considered elegant.  The right duvet set can finish off the design of a room and these can easily be chosen to complement or contrast with the colours on the walls.  As they are easily changed, the style of the room can also change regularly, so there is no danger of getting bored with it.

Reversible duvet sets are a great option as it is effectively two designs in one purchase.  The sets come in a variety of sizes including single, double, and king size.  The double and king size sets will include two pillowcases in a matching design.  The embroidered duvet covers are best if choosing a good quality fabric.  The higher the thread count, the better quality the fabric is, and a number of sets that are available will have a thread count of around 200.

Simple designs are often best for those who prefer a minimalist look.  Popular colours at the moment include jewel-coloured fabrics in purples and emerald greens, although the softer teal is a favourite. These colours can be picked out with other accessories in the room such as curtains and rugs, all of which can be changed if the homeowner changes their mind about the décor.

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Football Towels

The football season will soon be drawing to a close. With that in mind, treating a sports fan to the gift of a towel emblazoned with their team colours and badges proudly displayed might be just the thing to keep them happy. It can work as a celebration if their team does well or commiseration if they do not. Regional football teams such as Everton, Arsenal, and Celtic are all available as are national team designs including England and Wales.

Younger children might enjoy the football towel ponchos that are also available. These hooded towels will keep a child snug and warm after their bath or shower. They can even be used as a poncho on a cold winter evening. They are completely machine washable. They are easy to keep clean, and they dry very quickly, either hanging on the washing line or in the dryer on tumble dry. They can also be used as a tunic to protect clothing for when children are playing with paints or other potentially messy substances.

The size of the adult towels, approximately 75 cm x 150 cm, also makes them ideal to be used as a beach towel for somewhere to lie during the summer holiday in a far-flung location. The football towel is so versatile it can even be used as a wall hanging in the bedroom of a small child to brighten up the walls. It makes a great gift for the football fanatic in the family.

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Planning a Budget Holiday Wardrobe


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Choosing children’s jogging bottoms

Children’s jogging bottoms are a godsend.  They are easy to wash, perfect for all the outdoor activities that children love and are ideal for children of all ages.  Having casual wear like this is a great asset as it can save smarter clothes from general wear and tear and they are also perfect for wearing for sports at school, particularly on colder days when shorts and gym skirts are just not enough.

The children’s jogging bottoms are made from a blend of cotton and polyester. Cotton is a natural fibre that allows the skin to breathe and is light to wear.  Polyester is a synthetic fibre which is designed to prolong the life of the fabric and allow it to dry much more quickly when it has been washed.  The fabric is machine washable.

The waistband on the children’s jogging bottoms is elasticated and adjustable with ties so that they will fit well and comfortably.  The cuffs are also elasticated so that there is no danger of tripping over the end of the leg.  There is a back pocket and two side pockets which can both be fastened with a zip, so this is ideal for holding items such as a house key or phone while the child is out.

The sizes vary but the garments are ideal for children of all ages, from when they are toddlers right through to their teenage years and they can be worn with t-shirts, sweatshirts or jumpers.

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Choosing Children’s Lunchboxes

Getting children to eat healthily can sometimes be a struggle, particularly when sending them out to school with a packed lunch.  There is no guarantee that they will eat what is put in the lunch box. It is said that packaging can make the contents more attractive, so opting for a lunch box that they can be proud of can be a step in the right direction.

There are plenty of different designs available for children’s lunchboxes and the trend at the moment is to opt for a character design.  All the favourite cartoons can be found on lunch box designs, from Disney characters to Bart Simpson.

The Phineas and Ferb lunch box is very popular.  The box is made from a blend of PVC and polyester and these two synthetic fibres make it very easy to look after.  The lining is PEVA and the box can be kept clean by just wiping it over with a damp cloth.  The box should not be immersed in water at any time, as this could be very damaging.  The lunch boxes are perfect for taking to school and each has a name tag, so that it can be easily identified if more than one child has the same box. The boxes measure 24cm x 21cm, which is the ideal size and will hold sandwiches, drinks and fruit at the same time.  Girls might prefer the Minnie Mouse lunch box, which has a pink background but is the same size and offers all the same benefits.

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