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Hooded Sweatshirts

As winter draws to a close, we can look forward to warmer days but there are still a few chilly times to be endured.  However, the winter jacket just will not do as it can leave us feeling too warm and it can feel bulky wearing on warmer days.  The hooded sweatshirts are perfect for those days.  They can be worn over T-shirts and are loose and comfortable as well as warming.

These come in a variety of colours but basics of navy blue, black and grey will go with almost anything in the wardrobe.  These are made from a blend of cotton and polyester fibres, which ensures that they have a good life span if cared for properly.  They are machine washable and the designs feature a pocket at the front.

The hoods have ties so that they can be adjusted.  In the event of strong winds, the hooded sweatshirts will be needed to keep the head warm and the chill away from the ears.  Using the adjustable ties means that the hood will not blow down and therefore it means less messing with it while active.

They come in a range of sizes from small to extra large. While these are intended for a man’s wardrobe, they are also ideal for ladies to add to theirs.  The ladies version comes in a variety of colours. The plain sweatshirt can be embellished as required to give a new and unique look.


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