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Kids Character Curtains

There is no simpler way to brighten up a child’s room than by using character curtains. The great thing about curtains is they are easily changed when a child’s taste changes, as opposed to using wallpaper, which could mean a completely new decorating theme for the room. Curtains can brighten up a plain room to great effect and are available in both boys and girls designs.

Curtains for the younger child can be for both boys and girls, with characters such as the Winnie the Pooh designs. Others, however, tend to appeal to either boys, such as the Spiderman range, or to girls, including the Tinkerbell fairies curtains.

The curtains are reasonably priced, meaning that it is possible to buy more than one set in a variety of colours or designs and it will not cost the earth. There are also many designs that have matching duvet and pillowcases so it is possible to create a themed bedroom for the child.

The curtains are made from a variety of materials such as cotton or microfiber but are usually easily machine washed. The curtains are pre-made, not made to measure, so making sure to order the right size for the child’s window is important.

The great thing about character curtains is that they make excellent gifts. Choosing a design that matches the child’s taste will make opening the gift of character curtains very memorable, be it for a birthday or Christmas stocking filler. They can even be gifted to a child as a reward for doing well in school, helping around the house or just as a surprise treat.

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