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Baby Gift Sets

When a friend, relative or neighbour is due to give birth it can be hard to know what to give as a gift.  Everyone wants to avoid some of the obvious gifts as they think others will be giving the same thing.  However, the benefits of a set of matching babygro, bib, hat, vest, and mittens should not be overlooked.  The fact is that babies get through clothes at a tremendous rate, so having an extra change of clothes is always going to be welcome, no matter how many people have chosen to give a similar gift.

Baby gift sets also come in smaller selections, perhaps just with the hat, mittens and booties or with a romper suit as well as a babygro.  Whichever set is chosen, it will be a welcome gift and will not go unused.  These sets come in a variety of colours with pink and blue being particularly popular. However, neutral colours such as white, cream and beige are ideal for those who want to buy in advance and are not sure if it is going to be a boy or a girl.

Most of these baby gift sets are constructed of 100% cotton.  As a natural fibre, this is ideal for new babies.  Their skins are very delicate and they may find some of the synthetic fibres less comfortable.  Cotton also has the ability to allow the skin to breathe, so the baby will not get too warm while wearing the garments but they will also not get cold either.


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