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Brighten Up the Home with New Cushion Covers

One of the easiest ways to give a room a new look and alter a colour scheme is to look at the soft furnishings in the room.  Bright curtains, rugs, and cushion covers are perfect ways to pick out a colour. A good idea is to select a colour based on wallpaper or a carpet. Because they are easily changed, the colour scheme can change along with the mood of the homeowner.  Cushion covers in particular are easy to change and care for, so making use of those in bright colours is the perfect choice.

Faux fur cushion covers are ideal for adding a touch of luxury to a room. These are made from synthetic fibres such as polyester and acrylic and come in a variety of colours so can be easily matched to other furnishings.  When teamed with faux fur throws they can be used to change a room’s style to great effect.

Other fabrics such as corduroy – made from 100% cotton – are a little more practical and hardwearing.  They come in a patchwork design and in bright colours such as red and burgundy – perfect for giving a lift to a room.

Opulence can be added to a room with the use of the pleated satin cushion covers. Designed to fit a cushion pad that measures 18 inches by 18 inches, these are made from polyester with a polypropylene lining and are available in colours such as chocolate and cream, ideal for a room with a muted colour scheme.



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