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Football Towels

The football season will soon be drawing to a close. With that in mind, treating a sports fan to the gift of a towel emblazoned with their team colours and badges proudly displayed might be just the thing to keep them happy. It can work as a celebration if their team does well or commiseration if they do not. Regional football teams such as Everton, Arsenal, and Celtic are all available as are national team designs including England and Wales.

Younger children might enjoy the football towel ponchos that are also available. These hooded towels will keep a child snug and warm after their bath or shower. They can even be used as a poncho on a cold winter evening. They are completely machine washable. They are easy to keep clean, and they dry very quickly, either hanging on the washing line or in the dryer on tumble dry. They can also be used as a tunic to protect clothing for when children are playing with paints or other potentially messy substances.

The size of the adult towels, approximately 75 cm x 150 cm, also makes them ideal to be used as a beach towel for somewhere to lie during the summer holiday in a far-flung location. The football towel is so versatile it can even be used as a wall hanging in the bedroom of a small child to brighten up the walls. It makes a great gift for the football fanatic in the family.

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