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Choosing the Right Embroidered Duvet Sets

In recent years, the cost of embroidered duvet sets has come down in price remarkably and it is now possible to purchase good quality sets without breaking the bank.  Embroidered sets are particularly fashionable at the moment and are considered elegant.  The right duvet set can finish off the design of a room and these can easily be chosen to complement or contrast with the colours on the walls.  As they are easily changed, the style of the room can also change regularly, so there is no danger of getting bored with it.

Reversible duvet sets are a great option as it is effectively two designs in one purchase.  The sets come in a variety of sizes including single, double, and king size.  The double and king size sets will include two pillowcases in a matching design.  The embroidered duvet covers are best if choosing a good quality fabric.  The higher the thread count, the better quality the fabric is, and a number of sets that are available will have a thread count of around 200.

Simple designs are often best for those who prefer a minimalist look.  Popular colours at the moment include jewel-coloured fabrics in purples and emerald greens, although the softer teal is a favourite. These colours can be picked out with other accessories in the room such as curtains and rugs, all of which can be changed if the homeowner changes their mind about the décor.

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