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Choosing children’s sleeping bags

At this time of year we are considering holidays and there are many families who enjoy simple holidays such as camping.  There are many advantages to a camping holiday including the lower cost, the quality time spent together as a family and the chance to spend more time in the fresh air.

However, when planning a camping trip, there can be some outlay when sorting out essentials such as airbeds, ground sheets, sleeping bags and – of course – a tent.  The good news is that sleeping bags are available at a very reasonable cost and advances in design mean that they are no longer the bulky items that they used to be and will roll up fairly small while still offering a good degree of warmth.

Children’s sleeping bags in particular are great fun as they are now adorned with a variety of their favourite characters from films and cartoons such as Toy Story, Disney Princesses and Thomas the Tank Engine.  These are perfect for children to use both for camping and sleepovers and as they are made from polyester, they are hard wearing.  Polyester has been designed to dry more quickly than natural fibres and this is ideal if they are being used outdoors. In addition, they are machine washable so are easy to care for.

There are sleeping bags – known as snuggle sacs – available for indoor use.  These are also ideal for sleepovers but should not be used outdoors as they may not be warm enough.


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