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Choosing Men’s Summer hats

Hats for men in the summer are becoming increasingly popular and there is now a wide variety of styles available.  The cotton twill bush hats are very popular. This hat is perfect for those who need a hat for sunnier climes, as cotton is a natural fibre and will allow the skin beneath to breathe and protect it from the sun.  This hat has side poppers and it is available in more than one colour option.

Trilby hats are very British and are also popular with men in the summer.  The straw version has a striped band and it is ideal for adding a stylish touch to a summer outfit.  The men’s summer hat range also includes the cotton twill bush hat with mesh vents, ensuring that the air is still allowed to circulate and preventing the head from sweating too much.

Fun hats are another option and many people want to wear a hat that displays their national flag, particularly when there are sporting events taking place.  The bucket hats are ideal for casual summer wear and these can be purchased in a wide variety of colour options and with different flags on them.  One example is the Scotland flag, which can be found on both blue and cream coloured hats and these are available at a very reasonable cost.  Alternatively, there is the cowboy hat, which is also made from 100% cotton and has mesh for air circulation.  This is available in one colour option but the colour is neutral and it can be worn with a variety of summer outfits.


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  • This visor has been a Village Hat Shop standard, given its San Diego origins. Walker cotton visor has a 5 inch extra wide brim. The cotton sweatband feels soft against the forehead. Great for tennis or golf!

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