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Baby Shoes and Booties

Baby shoes and booties are very important for a very young child. They can be used to help keep the baby warm on a cooler day or for support when they start to toddle. Dressy shoes look fantastic when a child is going to a party or a special occasion and who would not want their baby to look great?

Baby shoes and booties come in a variety of styles. They include sandals, dress shoes, and trainers. There are also some designed as boots made from warm but soft fabrics. The boot styles are both available in pink so perfectly suited to little girls, and a black flower design is available. For baby boys there is a great choice of shoes, sandals, and trainers. The colour range of blues, blacks, and greys means they will match most little boy’s outfits just fine.

The baby shoes and booties come with several different fastens. Lace up or Velcro is very popular with smaller children as buckles tend to be too awkward or fiddly for smaller fingers. Velcro fastenings make the footwear easier to slip on and off when needed with much less fuss.

The baby shoes and booties are available in a wide range of sizes from zero to three months up to 18 months. Some of the footwear is available for older children too, up to a baby size ten. As babies tend to grow very quickly this could mean outgrowing the footwear rapidly, but at the low prices, buying several pairs is very affordable.

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