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Children’s Character Curtains

The quickest and easiest way to brighten and refresh a child’s bedroom is by changing the curtains. There are now so many curtains on the market specifically designed for children’s bedrooms or for those who are young at heart. There are suitable designs for both boys and girls in a variety of colours. The curtains are also very reasonably priced so swapping and changing to a different design on a regular basis, such as when the child decides their taste has changed, does not need to cost the earth.

There are character curtain designs to suit children of all ages. Little girls might enjoy the Dora the Explorer designs in pink, or the Fifi and the Flower Tots pattern when they are younger. Older children might prefer the Disney favourite, High School Musical. Little boys also have a wide choice for a variety of age groups such as SpongeBob Square pants or Noddy designs, while the older children might like the Simpsons inspired curtains.

The curtain designs also come with matching bedding sets sold separately. Duvet covers and pillowcases can help to complete the look of the room very cheaply and easily. The sets can make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift too.

The curtains are all pre-made in a variety of sizes; these are not made to measure. However, they are made form 100% cotton or 100% polyester microfiber and are completely machine washable and easy to care for.


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