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April, 2012

Men’s Football Pyjamas

Deciding what to wear for bed during the summer is fairly easy for women, but for men not quite so much. There is a range of sleepwear designed for football fans that would be ideal on warmer nights. The pyjamas have t-shirt tops with short sleeves and short leg bottoms. Each one has a football logo on it. There is a choice between a Manchester United set that has a black t-shirt top and black shorts. This is available in sizes from small to extra-large. The other Manchester United set has a red t-shirt top with short sleeve and black shorts. For those who would prefer, there is also a Liverpool football club design that has both red t-shirt top and red shorts. Both of these are available in sizes small to extra-large.

Each one of the men’s football club designed pyjama sets are made from 100% cotton. Being a natural fabric this means they allow the skin to breathe on warmer nights keeping the body cool, but are warm on a cooler night too, both of which can help the wearer to get a restful sleep. Being 100% cotton also means the pyjama sets are machine washable, so they are easy to keep clean and can be dried naturally on a washing line or in a tumble drier on a cooler heat setting. When ironing, it is a good idea to turn the top inside out or use a cloth over the design not to cause damage to the design with the hot iron.

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The Advantages of Trainer Socks

Trainer socks are something that everyone should have.  Many people need the benefit of a pair of socks but do not like to wear them as they can leave unsightly tan lines on the leg, not to mention the imprint of the elasticated top of the sock.  A trainer sock is the ideal solution as these are designed to cover the feet but will not show above the ankle line of the trainer.  They are perfect for sports participants and for everyday wear, particularly on warmer days when the wearer does not want to have their legs covered.

Trainer socks come in many different sizes and designs.  There are the basic sports-type socks available for those who are using them for athletics, while there are character socks available for children and plenty of bright colours are used in some designs, which is great for those who find the basic styles a little boring.

The socks are made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres such as cotton, polyamide, and elastane.  This helps to give them the stretch needed to fit different feet and will also help to give them a longer life span.  The socks are machine washable so they are easy to care for.  Some designs are available in an affordable multi-pack.

Colourful designs such as birds, racing cars, cupcakes and dinosaurs all feature on different socks for children, while ladies can opt for designs such as stripes and hearts.


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The Advantages of Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors can be purchased to fit all sizes of beds and come in a range of styles.  Prices will vary according to the size of the protector and the type, but the cost is very reasonable when compared with the cost of replacing mattresses.  Not everyone can afford to replace a mattress when it begins to get uncomfortable and a protector can be the obvious solution.

The available mattress protectors also come in different fabric counts.  Percale is the name used for fabric that is often used in bedding materials.  The word is a reference to the weave of the fabric so the actual fibres used will vary, with some being a blend of natural fibres and synthetic fibres and others will be only natural fibres.   Anyone considering this particular type of mattress protector can choose from a 200 or a 330 percale.

The 200 percale is 100% cotton for the top and reverse fabrics, the filling, and the skirt of the mattress protector.  On the 330 percale, it is 100% cotton for the top and reverse fabrics but 100% polyester for the filling and the skirt.

A mattress protector can add to the level of comfort experienced by the user, and these are machine washable.  There is no danger of the filling moving around as close quilting has been used to keep it in place and the protector is easy to care for.  With proper care, it should last for a couple of years and will help to ensure a good night’s sleep.

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Choosing the Right Ladies Swimwear

Ladies swimwear comes in a wide variety of choices. One piece, tankini, bikini, and swim shorts are popular styles, and within each of those options, there is a wide choice of other options such as high leg, medium leg, briefs, or string styles. That is without trying to decide which colour or pattern to choose. Picking out the best option is not necessarily an easy choice. It all depends upon personal taste and style.

For those choosing a one-piece suit, this is perhaps the easiest choice of all. The styles are often very similar and the biggest worry will be what colour to choose to best show off the holiday tan. One of the most popular choices is black. Not only is black a slimming colour it can also be teamed with a sarong or other beach style wrap of any colour and will remain stylish.

Good quality ladies swimsuits are also lined, which means less risk of being see through when wet. Swimsuits made from material with a certain amount of elastane means the garment will stretch to fit, will remain in place when moving in the water and will be comfortable as it is flexible enough to move with the body.

The black one-piece swimsuit is available in sizes from a UK size eight to an 18. It is made from 80% nylon/polymide and 20% elastane. The lining is 100% polyester. It is machine washable and will not sag after several uses. It is also very economically priced so it is possible to buy more than one style without breaking the bank.

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Choosing Men’s Sweatshirts

Even though spring is upon us, there are still some colder days to contend with, and the range of men’s sweatshirts that are available can help with this.  There are some days when it is not cold enough for a coat or jacket, but it is too warm to go without that extra layer.  A sweatshirt is the obvious choice, particularly the ‘hoodie’ style that is very fashionable at the moment.  These practical items can help to keep that extra bit of cold away.

Men’s sweatshirts come in a range of styles, so finding one to suit should be fairly easy.  They are generally a blend of polyester and cotton – synthetic and natural fibres respectively – and this means that they are machine washable and easy to care for.  Many of them have a detachable hood section so they can be worn with or without a hood, depending upon the wearer’s preference.

The jackets have good sized pockets on each side, which are enough to hold keys, phone, and wallet, and they come in a range of colours.  Popular options now are blue, grey, and neutral shades such as beige.  The striped hoodie sweatshirt is also a fashionable design. Others feature logos, such as that for Oxford University.  Some of the styles available have a zip running the full length of the front of the sweatshirt while others have a small zip at the neck to allow extra room for the top to be pulled on.


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Choosing Faux Silk Curtains

Everyone wants to add a touch of luxury to their home but we cannot always afford to do this.  Extras such as silk curtains can be very costly and they are expensive to care for when things such as dry cleaning bills are taken into consideration.  One way around this is to opt for faux silk curtains.

Faux is the French word for false and when used with a fabric it simply means that it has the look and feel of the fabric that it is supposed to resemble but it is usually a synthetic fibre.  Faux silk curtains have the look and feel of silk and ensure a luxurious touch without the luxury price tag.

The styles that are available come in a variety of colours and come complete with linings and tiebacks to ensure that the room has a ‘finished’ look.  These are made from 100% polyester, which is a synthetic fibre and which is designed to be long lasting and easy to care for while the linings are a blend of polyester and cotton.  The faux silk curtains can be machine washed at a temperature of 30°c.

The curtains can be used in any room in the house and look great in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.  As they are one simple colour it is easy to find a pair of curtains that will enhance any chosen colour scheme and they also look great in neutral rooms, where they can be used to add a touch of colour.


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Choosing Children’s Slippers

One of the problems with children’s slippers is that it can be difficult to get them to wear them.  Young children do not really understand how important it is to keep the feet warm and protected, even in the home, but some of the slippers available today should help to convince them.

Characters and logo slippers are often the most popular, particularly with boys.  The range of children’s slippers features footballs and other sporting images.  These vary from the slip-on type slipper to the bootie-type slipper with a Velcro fastening.   The latter are made from fleece, which ensures warmth and comfort. With a hard sole, they should stand up to wear and tear and they come in a variety of colours.   Alternatively, those with an interest in pirates may prefer the skull and cross bones design.

The range of children’s slippers for girls is wide and features a lot of pink, lilac, and cream.   These vary from slip on-type slippers with embellishments such as butterflies and bows to the bootee type furry slipper with pom-pom embellishments.  The latter is designed to be very comfortable but has a hard sole to ensure a long lasting design.  They are not suitable to be worn outdoors and should not be washed in a washing machine.

Children’s slippers are good value for money, as they do not cost a lot to begin with. They now come in a variety of bright and colourful designs and they make the ideal gift at Christmas or on birthdays.


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