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Choosing Children’s Slippers

One of the problems with children’s slippers is that it can be difficult to get them to wear them.  Young children do not really understand how important it is to keep the feet warm and protected, even in the home, but some of the slippers available today should help to convince them.

Characters and logo slippers are often the most popular, particularly with boys.  The range of children’s slippers features footballs and other sporting images.  These vary from the slip-on type slipper to the bootie-type slipper with a Velcro fastening.   The latter are made from fleece, which ensures warmth and comfort. With a hard sole, they should stand up to wear and tear and they come in a variety of colours.   Alternatively, those with an interest in pirates may prefer the skull and cross bones design.

The range of children’s slippers for girls is wide and features a lot of pink, lilac, and cream.   These vary from slip on-type slippers with embellishments such as butterflies and bows to the bootee type furry slipper with pom-pom embellishments.  The latter is designed to be very comfortable but has a hard sole to ensure a long lasting design.  They are not suitable to be worn outdoors and should not be washed in a washing machine.

Children’s slippers are good value for money, as they do not cost a lot to begin with. They now come in a variety of bright and colourful designs and they make the ideal gift at Christmas or on birthdays.


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  • Dress shoes also can be found with a slip-resistant sole. These types of fancy shoes are often worn by those who have had trouble with sure footing or simply do not want to risk the slippery sole of a leather shoe. The slip-resistant shoes that are chosen for dress verses casual wear range greatly in price, largely dependent on the designer whose line they are featured in.

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