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The Advantages of Trainer Socks

Trainer socks are something that everyone should have.  Many people need the benefit of a pair of socks but do not like to wear them as they can leave unsightly tan lines on the leg, not to mention the imprint of the elasticated top of the sock.  A trainer sock is the ideal solution as these are designed to cover the feet but will not show above the ankle line of the trainer.  They are perfect for sports participants and for everyday wear, particularly on warmer days when the wearer does not want to have their legs covered.

Trainer socks come in many different sizes and designs.  There are the basic sports-type socks available for those who are using them for athletics, while there are character socks available for children and plenty of bright colours are used in some designs, which is great for those who find the basic styles a little boring.

The socks are made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres such as cotton, polyamide, and elastane.  This helps to give them the stretch needed to fit different feet and will also help to give them a longer life span.  The socks are machine washable so they are easy to care for.  Some designs are available in an affordable multi-pack.

Colourful designs such as birds, racing cars, cupcakes and dinosaurs all feature on different socks for children, while ladies can opt for designs such as stripes and hearts.


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