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January, 2013

Ladies Briefs

Underwear is an all year essential, you when you’re clearing your wardrobe out for this year’s new clothes, why not stock up on some new knickers?

Briefs were first sold in the UK in 1938, and they were so popular that in 1948, every member of the British Olympic team was given a free pair. Traditional briefs cover the upper thigh to the navel, as this style is referred to as the “full rise”, there are also “low rise” and “mid rise” which can vary between manufacturers.

Our briefs are mostly made with 100% Cotton and come in a variety of colours and patterns. We also have some with a lace trim, just to add that touch of detail.

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Jogging bottoms

For those of you that are still sticking to your new year’s resolutions, or for some of you that will be making the decision to exercise in February after the January rush, you will need a quality pair of jogging bottoms.

Tracksuit bottoms are made from soft cotton or polyester and are usually worn for athletic pursuits or for lounging around the house. They are usually quite baggy, ideal for movement and comfort. As they are loose, they trap less heat which is ideal for when you’re working up a sweat in the gym.

Our jogging bottoms are mostly made from cotton and come in a variety of colours and designs, some with an ankle cuff and some without, so whatever your taste, we’ll have something for you.

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Choosing Tablecloths

Tablecloths can brighten up a kitchen or dining room. For many families, their daily lives can revolve around the kitchen table, for play time, homework and meal times.

Tablecloths are usually made from Linen or PVC which can be put in the washing machine or wiped clean. In medieval times a high quality white linen or cotton cloth was an important element of preparing for a feast and showed wealth and status.

Our table clothes are available in a round or rectangular options in either linen or cotton in a variety of colours, ideal to suit any table or occasion.

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Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are completely versatile. You can use them in the cot, the pram or even when you’re cuddling your baby just to keep them warm and snuggly.

Blankets are generally used for warmth and were traditionally made of wool, but nowadays synthetic fibres are more commonly used. Blankets are used as comfort items by babies and small children. The word blanket comes from Thomas Blanket, a weaver who lived in Bristol in the 14th Century.

Our blankets come in a variety of different colours and fabrics for a boy or girl, with many different designs available. They are also ideal as a gift.

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How to stay warm in winter

There are 10 rules for dressing in winter, and if you follow these, they will allow you to stay warm when the temperature drops below freezing.

  • Wear lots of layers – the more layers you wear, the more air will get trapped in between them and as air is an excellent insulator it will keep you warm. It’s better to wear too many layers as they can be taken off. Layers such as t-shirts will work perfectly.
  • Buy a good pair of boots – Boots are a winter essential, they keep your feet warmer than shoes and usually have better grip for icy conditions. Boot liners are also available for more insulation.
  • Wear winter socks – Wool or thermal socks are ideal as these draw the moisture away from your feet keeping them warm and dry.
  • Invest in a good quality coat – the thicker the better, choose fabrics such as wool or  a synthetic ski jacket for maximum warmth. We have a wide range of winter coats.
  • Thermal Underwear – a base layer is really helpful for keeping you warm, a thin layer close to the skin traps the air, and also draws away your sweat.
  • Hats – these are essential, heat rises and we lose most of our heat through our heads to try and a hat keeps it in. We have a wide variety of hats for everyone in many different colours and styles here.
  • Gloves and mittens – your hands are an extremity and are most susceptible to the cold so its important to keep them wrapped up. Even a thin glove is better than nothing but thick, insulating gloves are best. View our range here.
  • Wear two layers on your legs – long johns for men or tights/leggings for women under your work trousers really help to keep your legs warm, often people wear 5 layers on the top half and forget about their bottom half.
  • Stay dry – being wet in cold temperatures lowers your core temperature dramatically so wear waterproof clothing or base layers which draw the moisture away from your skin.
  • Wear a scarf – A thick scarf really makes a difference, especially in keeping your neck warm, choose fabrics such as wool or thermal fabrics and these are warmest against the skin. Browse our range of scarves here.


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Choosing Boots

Whether it’s for work or play, everyone should own a pair of boots. They are ideal for the current climate, because they really keep your feet warm and usually have a bit more grip than normal shoes.

Early boots consisted of separate leggings, soles and uppers, worn together to protect the ankle more than shoes or sandals, and date as far back as 1000 B.C. There are many different types of boot, depending on the occasion or use. Walking boots generally have a thick rubberised sole to make walking long distances more comfortable an reduce the strain on the feet and ankle. Work boots for men and women, have a steel toe cap to protect the foot from falling objects and compression. Winter boots are thickly insulated boots which keep your foot warm and comfortable and have an excellent grip to stop you from falling over in the ice.

Our range for men, women and child can be viewed here.

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Men’s Onesie

Onesies are the most popular item of nightwear right now, they are perfect for sleeping in or lounging around in the house and keeping warm.

Sometimes called blanket sleepers, they can be traced as far back at the late 19th century, to footed, one piece sleeping clothing for children, however its current form dates back to the early 1950s when many of the recognizable features were introduced such as slip resistant soles, zips and applique designs. Onesies are usually made from fleece, flannel or cotton.

Our popular men’s onesie comes in a selection of colours, Green Camouflage, Grey Camouflage and Tiger Stripes. It has a zip fastening and its ribbed around the wrists and ankles, allowing you to wear your own thick socks or slippers and is machine washable for convenience. Have a look here!

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Baby Gift Sets

We are currently in the midst of a baby boom, in which some areas of the country the birth rate has risen by 50 per cent, and is the highest birth rate in 40 years, which has been attributed to the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey during the Summer.

It’s a safe bet that someone you know is pregnant right now, if not infact yourself. So what better way to treat your friend’s, relative’s, or colleague’s little bundle of joy then a baby gift set?

Our baby gift sets are available in a wide variety of choices, for either a boy or girl, or unisex if the gender is unknown, and consist of a cute little matching outfit. We have a 6 piece set which consists of a romper, mittens, booties, bodysuit, bib and hanger, or a 10 piece which includes a t-shirt, pants/bottoms, bib, cap, burp cloth, booties, 8oz Bottle, comb and brush and bag, everything a new mother would need. So whatever the occasion: baby shower, christening or birthday, find the right gift set here!

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Children’s Bedding

A new bedding set can really refresh your child’s bedroom, instead of having to spend too much on paint and new furniture.

We stock a wide variety a children’s character bedding, featuring everyone from the Disney Fairies to the Toy Story gang to Ben 10, to suit every child from a little princess to a spaceman to an explorer! Whatever your child is into, we are sure to have something to match their favourite character or film.

We also stock a lot of matching items to really bring together the new look of the bedroom. We have play mats and rugs for your child to play on, curtains which match the bedding and cushions and fleece blankets to further decorate the bed.

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Ladies Long Jane’s

Long Janes, also called Long Johns for men, is a style of underwear with long legs which is perfect for the current winter chill.

Usually made from insulating fabrics such as wool or polyester to draw moisture away from the skin, they are perfect for wearing under your normal clothes for work or play, just to add that extra layer of warmth.

Long Jane’s and Johns originate from Matlock in Derbyshire at John Smedley’s Lea Mills, and they named the garment after the late 19th century heavyweight boxer John L Sullivan. They were originally used as loungewear then became popular as sleepwear.

We stock Long Jane’s in Black, Cream and White, including a heat trap range, with matching items also available.

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