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Choosing An Umbrella

There is one essential that everyone should have in their car or handbag or by their front door… an umbrella. Due to the unpredictable English weather you never know when you might be caught short in a rain shower so having an umbrella to hand means you can keep dry when you’re out and about. The word umbrella derives from the Latin “umbra” which means shadow and ancient forms including palm leaves, but these days there are many to choose from and they come in a myriad of colour and designs.

Classic umbrellas, the typical style, offer a big canopy to shelter from the rain and are strong and sturdy. They feature a U shaped handle for comfort and are usually made from plastic or canvas.
Compact umbrellas are more light and portable than traditional umbrellas and perfect for popping into a handbag. Although they may not be as strong as traditional umbrellas they have the advantage of being light and still keeping the rain out of your hair.

Bubble umbrellas are clear semi-circled shaped, mostly in clear plastic or vinyl and can feature a quirky design. These are popular with children as they can also feature characters from their favourite TV show or film. Bubble umbrellas have the advantage that they tend to cover your shoulders offering you even more protection.

Browse our range of umbrellas here and find the right style for you.

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